AFL Round 15: Furious Felines Fight To The End

AFL Round 15: Furious Felines Fight To The End

June 23rd Thursday night Melbourne beat Brisbane at the MCG. I will be honest here and say I am not down with Thursday night games..

  • The Fairer Sex

    Over the past few years, one of the more polarising issues that has engulfed the sporting world is how to treat transgender and intersex athletes in a way that stays true to the foundational values of fairness and inclusiveness, even when they seem mutually exclusive.

  • Brisbane Running Festival: Olympic city

    There is nothing like the energy and atmosphere of a city marathon. The big crowds running through the high-rise buildings and the major city landmarks always make for a memorable event.

  • Compass work: How to Orientate

    I can still recall my first orienteering event ever. I was a fresh 20-yr old, completing a degree in Outdoor Education at University. Part of the unit of work was to undertake an organised competition.

  • AFL Round 11: Suns Tip Top in Top End

    Friday nights game was two teams flexing their muscles and pushing each other to go one better. This was a lot fun to watch.

  • Manchester City CHAMPIONS!

    On a dramatic final day of the Premier League season – Manchester City have re-enacted their heroics of the past. Man City came from 2-0 down to win 3-2 at home to Aston Villa. All goals scored in the last 20 minutes to lift the premiership for the 4th time in 5 years.

  • Eurovision: Too Great an Opportunity

    As an artist you will have times when you have to create within a defined framework. This could be a commission or a contest with a theme. Honestly, broad boundaries can aid the creative effort. Then there is the weight of Eurovision.

  • Thanks, Ump.

    There always seems to be some topic causing ructions amongst fans and on the sports commentary talking head circuit. Everyone seems to have something to say about it, their own two cents to chuck in, so why shouldn’t I have my say?

  • Do sporting Boycotts work?

    See if you can correctly answer these questions: Why did countries boycott the 1980 Olympics?

  • Surfing Failures 

    Recently I was on a school camp with high school students. This was their year-level camp, and part of my role on camp was to teach them how to surf. 

  • Embracing the Overdog

    I’ve always been a sucker for an underdog for as long as I can remember. Show me someone or something that is behind the eight ball, or battling against the odds, and I am all over it.

  • Got Skin In The Game

    I recently told a friend that the IPL does not interest me at all. My actual words were. “I have no skin in the game.” IPL is big for my friend because there is a team from his home town. I understand that, especially when it comes to the AFL.