Changing of the guard in Sport

Changing of the guard in Sport

In all sports, illustrated graphically in Rugby at this present time, there is a changing of the guard.

  • Standing on Firm Foundations

    Standing on Firm Foundations

    Regular readers will know that Kevin Pietersen is one of my favourite cricketers and I believe that once we have enough distance to make a sound judgment he will be considered one of the greats—a term too often applied to very good players going through a purple patch, Matthew Hayden being a good example.

  • In the AFL you've got to pick a pocket or two

    In the AFL you've got to pick a pocket or two

    Oliver! That musical set in Dickensian London. I am sure you remember it.

  • A sporting chance 

    A sporting chance 

    Australia loves its sport, and for many of us it’s a lifelong passion that starts in childhood.

  • Footy season running to tune

    Footy season running to tune

    The footy season is running to tune – we’re talking three codes

  • International sports galore

    International sports galore

    It is my place to fill-in for sport writer Wes Tronson as the EPL is on their off-season. So therefore, I have noticed this month has seen an amazing amount of international sports on show both overseas and in Australia.

  • Family fun sports

    Family fun sports

  • Top things about New Zealand

    Top things about New Zealand

    It was interesting to read an article in Stuff NZ in April the Best 10 Things about New Zealand by an American tourist.

  • Early result and final result

    Early result and final result

    This was my article from February with Manchester City’s 6-0 win over Chelsea.

  • When the hype fails

    When the hype fails

    Sports yesterday, today and tomorrow celebrate great victories whether on the local, national or international stage and everyone loves a winner in sport.

  • State of Origin

    State of Origin

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge has a blue flag flying high, the Storey  Bridge in Brisbane has a maroon flag similarly.

  • A friendly competition

    A friendly competition

    I’m a firm believer in the power of sport to make a positive change in our communities, but it’s important to remember that sporting organisations shouldn’t be expected to provide health care or welfare services—that’s not what they are designed for.