The Kevin Park STORY

The Kevin Park STORY

My name is Kevin Park. I am from South Korea and was born in Seoul..

  • In Melbourne, Cricket Emerges From Covid

    “So I don’t have to log in anymore?” asks Reg to his son Brayden

  • Spurs stun City to go top!

    After the latest International break Spurs hosted Man City in a hotly anticipated fixture that many thought would test Tottenham’s strong start to the year.

  • The Francesca Tavares Story

    My relationship with the Lord began at an early age. I was raised in a Christian home and always had a God “consciousness”.

  • The Crystelda Naidoo Story

    What do you want to be when you grow up? When I was younger, I probably would have given you any possible combination of; Power Ranger, veterinarian, race car driver or adventurer. Now that I’m older, you may assume my answer would change to something more seasoned. But I’m here to tell you that the tone of my dreams hasn’t changed a bit.

  • The Dr Daniel Thomas STORY

    I was born into a Christian family. I have a vivid memory of giving my life to Jesus in family devotions at age 7

  • The Cindy Cheng Story

     “Do I have a personal story to tell?” I asked myself when I was told to write one. If I strip away all the labels, experiences and hobbies, what will be left as my unique story?  As the Creator is the writer of my story, I would like to share the personal and commonplace one that God gives to every Christian, including me.

  • The Rume Kpadamrophe STORY

    I’m Rume Kpadamrophe, I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • The Darren Salmon Story

    I was born June 9, 1991 in Kingston Jamaica to a dressmaker and an accountant. Both my parents were busy individuals who didn’t seem to have much time for each other. Whenever they were together, they usually argued.

  • Bigger Football Makes It Better

    Like a lot of people who have watched Australian Rules football over the last thirty years I wonder why scoring is so hard. There is no goal keeper. Unlike basketball the goal is wider and vastly taller than the ball. In contrast the scoring averages per season show a decrease beginning in the 1990s.

  • The Ashea West Story

    With just a little faith and a whole lot of determination, I started out on a journey in 2011 that stretched me spiritually in ways I didn’t know possible. I was born in Jamaica and I got baptized in the Seventh Day Baptist church when I was 13 years old.

  • The Tamara Dickens STORY

    I’ve always felt called by the Lord. For as far I can remember I’ve always had a pull towards the spiritual. My 10 year old self would often invite discussions with Rastafarians and Christians in the community on issues of faith and religion.