Panellists getting ready

Panellists getting ready

2020 young writer ‘Basil Sellers’ awards each year get judged by 5 panellists for each group  -  but this year the manner in which this is taking place is different..

  • Sport and Philosophy 

    I was at the World Hockey Cup 1986 in London – I was reporting for 'The Australian' newspaper – Australia defeated England 2-0 in the final. Wait for it, India and Pakistan finished 11th and 12th.

  • Music column approved     

    The young writers of Press Service International are delighted  -  Christian Today Australia has approved a MUSIC column for those young writers who write and sing Christian music.

  • COVID Response AE South Africa

    As of the 15th of April 2020, South Africa had 2,415 confirmed coronavirus cases, the highest number in Africa. Although the novel coronavirus pandemic has not yet caused widespread devastation in South Africa.

  • Ravi Zacharias cancer has spread; Doctors say they can do no more for him

    Ravi Zacharias' cancer has spread and he has been told by doctors that there is nothing more they can do medically for him.

  • Christian Conferences going on-line    

    Christian conferences throughout 2020 are going on-line and moreover some have already. The Covid 19 restrictions have created a grand opening for evangelism in any case. One Pastor two weeks ago said his on-line service had 364 log-in where those who attended church was only 160. Something special is happening.

  • Winter courses at Morling    

    As we enter “our winter of disconnect,” we invite you to use the time to become more connected with God, His Word, and His people.

  • Laguna Quays Respite in lockdown

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions is celebrating the beautiful seasons – autumn, winter and spring  -  but it is in lockdown. It has been raining all this week.

  • Senior writers re-positioned

    Press Service International in conjunction with Christian Today ‘young writer ministry’ hosts quite a number of senior writers and this is for two solid reasons.

  • Basil Sellers hosts The Gutenberg    

    Mr Basil Sellers AM a wonderful gracious helper to the young writer program run by Press Service International and published by Christian Today  -  hosted last week the (ARPA) Australasian Religious Press Association’s premier award, The Gutenberg.

  • Masked, but not silenced

    In Kenya, more than 80% of the working population are engaged in informal employment, and it is the livelihoods of these informal labourers that are devastated by COVID-19 related Public Health measures.

  • Sport employment affects nation   

    Every night we hear another cry for help as sport organisations try to find ways to ‘keep paying’ their professional athletes and those who play a part in the sport endeavour  -  the coaches, medical, managerial, administration and a whole lot more - bus drivers, car park attendants, ticket sales, security. I could go on and on.