Maternity at Milne

Maternity at Milne

Maternal health in Uganda, and at AE’s Milne Medical Centre.

  • Mission respite on heart of Well-Being Australia

    Within the orbit of Well-Being Australia are three respite facilities for missionaries, home mission, chaplains, pastors, church professional personnel…

  • Man on a mission

    Profile of a missionary - Getting to know Stephen Mbogo, International CEO of African Enterprise

  • Marketers pay millions  

    Yes, marketers are in the business of providing research and will steer manufacturers in the right direction in their product range. What young people think on a wide variety of subject is what they’re about.

  • International young writers a new era

    The international young writers commenced a new era in 2021 in becoming separate to Press Service International in Australia in their being published in Christian Today.

  • My book titled ‘From the Driver’s Seat’

    ‘From the Driver's Seat’ was my 1989 book  – now out of print - details 14 rail journey's from the locomotive driver's perspective, an oral account of what occurs from signing on for duty to when relieved upon arrival at the destination.

  • Kiwi young writers underway

    The Kiwi young writers became separate to Press Service International in Australia in 2021 and its proving to be a positive move.

  • Who are Christian Today’s Senior Writers

    As the Press Service International ministry focuses on ‘young writers’ (18-30s and then Over 31s) – the question is put, why are there ‘senior writers’ in the program.

  • The issue of the heart

    Rwanda’s long road to peace and reconciliation

  • Laguna Quays Respite – 10 years

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions is celebrating 10 years of ministry.

  • The camera - the Footplate Padre

    As the Footplate Padre I attest this article is a railway whinge, but a fair one and I still don't know to whom I should write a letter of complaint. I set the scene as this is important, to get the full impact of the story.

  • The good news of Jesus - multiplied

    Not just COVID-19 has exponential growth. The Gospel does too.