Over 31s moving into senior writer ranks

Over 31s moving into senior writer ranks

The Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) presented their premier award The Gutenberg to this young writer ministry – Press Service International  -  in Christchurch, 6 September 2019..

  • Art for Basil Sellers – Angels Dancing

    ‘Angels Dancing’ is the latest annual art work for Mr Basil Sellers AM by Tronson du Coudray the missionary painter.

  • 2020 big year for young writers

    There are so many things happening for the young writer program in 2020, a ministry of Press Service International in conjunction with Christian Today.

  • 2020 Panellists and Senior Writers

    2020 sees new paradigms of operation for both the young writer program Panellists and the Senior Writers.

  • Basil Sellers: Well-Being Australia ‘Person of the Year’

    Mr Basil Sellers AM, businessman and philanthropist has been announced as the Well-Being Australia’s inaugural ‘Person of the Year’ as a way of celebrating Well-Being Australia’s 20th year.

  • ARPA’s Gutenberg leads to upgrading ‘funding’ CV

    Press Service International, the young writer ministry in conjunction with Christian Today which provides 105 young people a literary uplift by being internationally published once every 5 weeks  -  was presented with the premier award of the Australasian Religious Press Association’s 2019 The Gutenberg.

  • Laguna Quays Respite almost 9 years

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions enjoyed many mission visitors this year -  and next year 2020 is our ninth year of serving mission people. The Whitsundays mission respite facility has provided many mission families / couples and chaplains - a much deserved rest and recuperation.

  • Kiwi sport writer for Christian Today New Zealand

    Christian Today New Zealand has available a sport writer spot and invites Kiwi young people to put up their hand.

  • African Enterprise to Launch New Missions Training in 2020

    Next year, we’re excited to announce African Enterprise will be rolling out a new, universal training program for our staff and local evangelists.

  • Remarkable outcomes in South Australia

    Well-Being Australia’s Dr Mark and Delma Tronson visited South Australia for the three days prior to Christmas and on the agenda was the Aldinga Beach Respite house and a young writers dinner in Adelaide.

  • Growing hope, health and sustainability through AE

    Poverty has created a terrible cycle of devastation in African communities, however the team at African Enterprise has spearheaded an amazing community intervention in Rwanda to prevent the terrible impact of poor nutrition and hopelessness. 

  • Trusting the Lord thru life – now 68

    Christmas Day reminds us that limiting miracles to some medical situation bears no credence to the innumerable occurrences linked to timing and doors opening for ministry that Christians have testified to over centuries.