A Better Day

A Better Day

In February 2010, one year after the Black Saturday bushfires had swept through Kinglake and other parts of Victoria, a Christian concert was held. It was held in Kinglake to mark the first anniversary of those devastating fires and to promote a hope for better days ahead..

  • Vaccine Policy  -  Tronson du Coudray

    Tronson du Coudray provides an art work for the monthly Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce breakfast ‘business card draw’ and Tuesday 13 July was no different with this art work “Vaccine Policy”.

  • Teenagers  -  Art agreeably copied

    Tronson du Coudray paints as the ‘Missionary Painter’ with much of his art being utilised as a reach-out and in mission.

  • Beyond the Veil – Acrylic on Canvas

    ‘Beyond the veil’ is a piece that took me deep in the heavenly realm of colours and light. It was a piece of art born out of a new way of painting and one in which the destination was not known, the process was new to me and the emotions that filtered through my mind and heart were intense and felt like I had entered another dimension.

  • Camouflaged

    Camouflaged was an art work painted in 2007 by Tronson du Coudray and displayed at an exhibition at the South Tweed Sport Club where it was purchased by an art connoisseur,

  • Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream.

    It is called ‘Daddy, I had a Bad Dream’. The smaller figure (child) is shadowed by the bad dream and is looking towards the larger figure (adult). What we see that the smaller figure does not many bad dreams the larger and older figure has had.

  • Young Writers  -  Tronson du Coudray

    Young Writers was the first annual painting by Tronson du Coudray for the support Mr Basil Sellers AM provides for the young writer ministry – Press Service International.

  • Healing and breakthrough for India

    Here's a late-night update to show the painting I did for a combined Churches Prayer event for India earlier this month.

  • Art work – Life Motto

    A picture is worth a thousand words is a common saying when it comes to photography. This photograph contains 44.

  • Art – One Clear Path

    Tronson du Coudray’s 'One Clear Path' was for the Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce 'business card draw' breakfast yesterday (Tuesday 8 June). 

  • Artwork  -  “As I reach out, you reach back”

    I had an idea in my head that I wanted to convey through art. I used the image of the hands from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” Fresco painting as most people will recognise the religious imagery.

  • “You’re in position for such a time as this.”

    As an artist and pastor, I want my paintings to have a certain impressionistic beauty, while also carrying the prophetic voice of the spirit of God to encourage people.