Railway focus

Railway focus

Has anything changed since the railways developed across Australia in the mid to late 1800's? The wisdom then was, to reap rewards from investment, one should follow the train line and purchase property nearby.

  • Life Prep

    Life Prep

    Like any good Millennial Christian, I am a regular consumer of the YouVersion Bible’s reading plans and devotionals.

  • Everything Old is New Again 

    Everything Old is New Again 

    The first few weeks of January are probably the most lucrative time of year for people running gyms or selling exercise equipment. Across the country, there will be thousands upon thousands signing up for a gym membership, and there will be a run on exercise bikes and treadmills.

  • Losing your faith

    Losing your faith

    Recently there has been a couple of high profile Christians who have announced that they are losing their faith. One I am particularly saddened about is Marty Sampson, who I lived next door to for a while some twenty years ago.

  • A Convenient God?

    A Convenient God?

  • Contending for Christian contentment

    Contending for Christian contentment

    The picture adorning this article is of my dining table. Why? Because this table represents for me where I began to take seriously what Paul says about contentment.

  • Survey on sin

    Survey on sin

    Some years ago British researches claim that not only are Australians the worst of all sinners, according to their definitions, the greatest sin of Australians is envy. Has anything changed?

  • Basic apologetics is a necessity

    Basic apologetics is a necessity

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term apologetics, it is simply defined as:

  • Perfecting Work and Rest

    Perfecting Work and Rest

    Rest is what we often long for, but I think I hear less about rest than work. One of the great hopes of the Christian is that we will be able to rest because we will live with God forever in the new creation.

  • Waiting


    I hate waiting. Time seems to move slower. Your life grinds to a halt. You become restless and fidgety.

  • Theology – Replacement No 3

    Theology – Replacement No 3

    I oppose the philosophical argument that the Jewish people ceased as God's Covenant people at the Cross, which is at the heart of the debate. This is the third in a series of three lectures.

  • Nike: the god of Victory

    Nike: the god of Victory

    Few would have guessed that a hard working business graduate and his track coach would start a company with $1000 back in 1972 that would become one of the largest and most recognized brands in the world today. Today, Phil Knight’s creation, Nike, is now worth over $36 billion - a stark contrast to a running shoe company selling its shoes from the back of Knight’s car at track races.