Why wait?

Why wait?

Long lines don’t usually bother me. Traffic? Nah (unless I need to pee). Other people being late? Not really (something probably came up).

  • We walk with anger

    We walk with anger

    It is 7pm on a weekday night when I drive to the local shopping complex to get a few groceries. The parking slot I find looks directly into an Asian supermarket and, as I lock my car and step up onto the sidewalk, I pause at the entrance to debate whether or not I should go inside for a quick browse.

  • Australian non-conformity  -  massive

    Australian non-conformity  -  massive

    In the eyes of the mainstream journalists, Anglicans and Roman Catholics appear to be the only Christian people in Australia, and for some time. With Prime Minister Scott Morrison an unashamed Pentecostal that now too gets some broadcast air.

  • Dear Child of God

    Dear Child of God

    As I sat down to write a letter to my daughter, thoughts on Freedom were bubbling away in my heart. I knew she wouldn’t be able to read it for quite some time or fully grasp the content for many years to come.

  • Words for the wounded

    Words for the wounded

    I sat through the ugly meeting. You could feel the hostility in the room. A special Church meeting attempting to bring people together had quickly spiralled out of control.

  • Would Jesus divorce you?

    Would Jesus divorce you?

    It seems everyone has an opinion on how marriage should look: who it's for and how to make it last. The book of Genesis gives us the story of Adam and Eve, a picture of God's design for marriage and proof he is using marriage to work his purposes for good in all situations.

  • The necessity of morality

    The necessity of morality

    There are many conclusions I imagine, one may gather from the statement above. However, let me explain it. During a meeting geared towards addressing the issue of violence among the youth in Jamaica, one person stated, “We need to reaffirm the necessity of morals”, to which the above statement was the response.

  • “Love” - a sacrifice to endure to the end

    “Love” - a sacrifice to endure to the end

    This world is not short of romance films with fancy dinner dates, luxury hotels beside the beach and expensive trips all over the world. Yes! Not to mention the popular Disney phrase, ''And they lived happily ever after.” But I can’t help but wonder where is the love in all of this?

  • A railway Christmas treat

    A railway Christmas treat

    My Footplate Padre book, the fourth of sixteen railway books, 'From the Driver's Seat', contains 14 railway journeys written from the viewpoint of actually driving the train.

  • What Can Still Be Learned From I Kissed Dating Goodbye Part 1

    What Can Still Be Learned From I Kissed Dating Goodbye Part 1

    “An Omlet is only as good as the eggs” Dr. Myles Munroe

  • The ethics of umpiring

    The ethics of umpiring

    The NRL grand-final ‘final five minutes’ saw a cataclysmic change of decision which resulted in a try being scored from the outcomes of that change of decision. That ‘Try’ in effect, won the game, not just the game, the 2019 premiership.

  • The somebody question

    The somebody question

    The words "You're nobody 'til somebody loves you" continually echo in my mind as I ponder on this phrase. It's those famous words sung by singer/actor Frank Sinatra that prompted my deliberation on what such a view actually means to me. Do they mean that I am insignificant until somebody begins to love me?