Professionals to New Zealand   

Professionals to New Zealand   

We are well aware there are professionally skilled people relocating to New Zealand. I have certainly pricked my ears all last year when this became a news item..

  • The Resurrection …… Just Another Fairy Tale?

    I cringe, just as I’m sure you do, when someone comments in conversation or on a social media post, that the Resurrection and miracles are nothing more than fairy tales, which can’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.

  • Top tips for young leaders – from one newbie to another

    Did you know that The Salvation Army in New Zealand was started by two English guys aged 19 and 20?

  • For you, a thousand times over

    It was Valentine’s Day last week, which may invoke some eye rolls for some people because after all, it is a big capitalist holiday designed to sell you heart-shaped chocolate, red roses, and stuffed teddy bears.

  • Catweazle

    As a kid there was no more favourite children's program for me, than, Catweazle. I was a passionate fan of Catweazle. He spoke funny, he did many strange and weird things, he was a loved character.

  • Do you do God?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm that first cover on a bed underneath all the heavy winter layers of duvet.

  • Second-hand revelations

    As a kid it was always fun to use the phrase “Mum said” or “Dad told me” against your siblings to fool them into doing something that Mum definitely did not say and Dad absolutely didn’t tell you.

  • Kobe Bryant death is a warning to all of us

    The world has been in shock with the recent death of Kobe Bryant.  A man who by worldly standards had it all.  He had a successful basketball career, many awards, a beautiful family, fame and fortune.

  • Empty nets can still catch fish

    Two boats lie at the water’s edge, abandoned by fishermen who are cleaning their nets.

  • Dame Enid Lyons – remarkable person

    One article that I found in my late mother's archives was from the Sydney Morning Herald dated April 17th, 1939, entitled "Dame Enid Lyons's share in husband's career: Bond of Intellect and Affection."

  • Contribution Zero

    In December Australia played Pakistan in the second test at the Adelaide Oval and the result was a whitewash. David Warner made 335 not out as Australia romped home to win by an innings and 48 runs.

  • Compassion 101

    Unexpectedly, I learnt a bit more about the character of Jesus on two recent occasions at university. To clarify, I’m not at a bible college or studying theology.