Lockdown in China

Lockdown in China

A lot has been happening in China the last few months, unfortunately much of it is negative. While multiple natural disasters have occurred, two of China’s largest cities were put into lockdown..

  • Can I escape the prison of my mind?

    Firstly, this is not an article about mental health. Please see a professional if you think you're suffering from mental health issues.

  • Believe, become and be free

    Last week, my friends and I, being part of the neighborhood outreach ministry, went to the North Hollywood Metro station to evangelize. We encountered a gentleman named Sam.

  • Trusting Him

    If I should ask do you trust God, what would your response be?

  • Biblical truth is more important than conservative values

    Christians engaged in the current culture war find themselves with some unexpected allies in the struggle to preserve good values and traditions, but we must be careful not to compromise our biblical mandate in the pursuit of broader conservative values.

  • He who has the Son has everything

    As I hold my four week old baby in my arms, I consider what it means to be "born again".

  • Still Laughing After A Loss.

    One team walked of the field more positive than the other. You would expect this would be the winning team. Not this time. It is possible to loose a game and still walk off winning in other ways. It happened to my team this Saturday.

  • Growing Contentment

    “For I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound...” (Philippians chapter 4 verses 11 to 12)

  • Fresh out of giddy up?

    Slumped over the chest of drawers as I got out the kids’ night clothes, I paused as I considered the opportunity cost of getting the washer fixed versus getting groceries.

  • The cost of compromise

    David… Solomon… Samson…

  • Hope in Despair

    One of the most amazing things about nature that I find inspiring is the ability of a dwindling, dying, dried-out plant to bounce right back into a flourishing bloom after receiving watering, nurturing, and a little bit of pruning.

  • Value of a Christian life

    My colleague, Charles, is a person who is interested in exploring spiritual life. From our previous conversations, I think Christianity could answer some of his questions, at least provide another way of thinking. Therefore, I continually try to invite him to our church as and when possible.