Love in the time of Covid

Love in the time of Covid

God is love and the bible gives us the details on how to love effectively. In John Chapter 15 verse 12 it says, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.” And God showed us his love, in that while we were still sinners, he sent his son to die for our sins. .

  • Forgiveness

    Learning to forgive is difficult for most of us. Especially when you are hurt by someone you have a close relationship with. When someone tries to tarnish your character, abandons you, hurt or abuse you it is not something you easily get over.

  • Clanging cymbals, a simulacrum of love

    My son is a tween (10–13-year-old), I love him dearly, but can I tell you we butt heads often. Many of our intense moments involve him declaring emphatically,

  • She was strong

    Take a moment to think of the women in your life. What defines their past, present, futures and the legacies they will leave behind?

  • Tourism sites and shiver

    There are tourism sites and tourism sites.

  • Blessing of serving others

    We have been studying Mark in our small group lately. In the past weeks, we were reviewing chapter 8 to chapter 10, which focuses on Jesus’ three prophesies of His own death and resurrection.

  • Like Fish Need Oxygen…

    I was so excited about the newest addition to the company I would have at home… I mean, I live alone, who wouldn’t be? “Fish would be great company”, I thought.

  • BLM & the Church: the need for truth in compassion

    In this age, where everything is political, there is a rising trend of many in the Church advocating for external causes that have the appearance of virtue and compassion. While it is good & essential for Christians to be engaged with social issues, the problem with certain movements is that they present a false compassion – a compassion not founded in truth.

  • The theology of Rapture

    A huge number of Christians around the world grew up on the teachings of 'The Rapture' let alone the movies series 'Left Behind' and yet there are on the other hand, voluminous theologians who disagree with this view of the Scripture.

  • I don't have a choice

    "What can I do?" "There's nothing that I can do in this situation." "I don't have control over what's happening."

  • A Fresh Look at Religious Icons

    Recently I had the privilege of a pilgrimage in Greece and Turkey where I got up close and personal with some incredible Eastern Orthodox art.

  • A choice of Entities

    Entities are fundamental to the way we live and function in a host of ways.