True Religion

True Religion

I recall growing up in school and hearing about religion in two senses: 1) a deeply held belief that one adhered to and celebrated generally centred around Christianity, and 2) that religion was the ‘opiate of the masses’; in that it keeps people in a state of being disillusioned and blind to what is actually true.

  • For Emerald

    For Emerald

    We walked into the restaurant together.

  • William McKenzie had the ANZAC spirit

    William McKenzie had the ANZAC spirit

    The influence of war remains etched on our hearts and minds. While for some they can recall the Grandfather’s commitment to protecting Australian soil all those years previous; for others they remember defence force personnel who epitomised sacrifice and selflessness.

  • Murmur


    There are times when people murmur and complain amongst themselves about you. All have been subjected to it, some of us even deserved it. There is a saying in Proverbs that we shouldn’t make a big deal about someone talking behind our back, because everyone does it. I will admit, some, through habitual practice, seem to do so better than others.

  • Who needs to be penalised?

    Who needs to be penalised?

    Who do you penalise when every attempt to make a game better, or, at least more fluid fails? When the ball movement is so restricted that for minutes the same thirty players have barely moved. Though the ball has passed through enough hands to have travelled the length of the field twice.

  • Plodding plus Faith

    Plodding plus Faith

    We each face different seasons as we walk this life with Jesus and they are certainly not always as you expect them. Struggles, trials, transitions and dark times can cause us to call out to God for guidance, clarity and wisdom.

  • The Elbe River led to freedom

    The Elbe River led to freedom

    The e-book "Boy Parachutist 1942-45" is the story of Harry Henkel, who as a 16 year old trained as a Whermach Parachutist and saw action in North Africa, Catania in Sicily, Monte Casino in Italy and finally on the Russian Front and then escaped as the war was coming to its final conclusion over the Elbe River to the Americans.

  • When in a storm, sleep (Part 1 of 2)

    When in a storm, sleep (Part 1 of 2)

    You’ve been there at some point in your life. Or maybe you are there right now. The storm experience.That tricky or difficult season in your life. You may be having severe difficulties and opposition at work from your colleagues or boss. It may be a health challenge, or coping with a sick loved one.

  • Sun, sin, son

    Sun, sin, son

    Every time I think of the sun coming out, I think of the Bible verse Lamentations chapter 3 verse 23, “They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”. The sun reminds me that God has new mercies for me every morning. The rays of the sun feel like the rays of mercy. I may not necessarily see it, but I feel it.

  • May the ma be with you

    May the ma be with you

    To explain the heading: in Physics, F = ma. Force = mass x acceleration. Get it?

  • Dirty windows—dealing with sin

    Dirty windows—dealing with sin

    At this time of year, the sun sits directly facing our front windows highlighting the dirt that had previously gone un-noticed and reminding me of what my next job is—to clean my windows!

  • What does love look like?

    What does love look like?

    Recently I’ve been focusing on the greatest commandment of loving God first, and then our neighbours as ourselves, and I’ve been thinking about ways to show my love to God more.