• Sex is clean

    Sex is clean

    One of the main messages repeatedly taught to me while growing up was that we should not have sex before marriage. I accepted and did my very best to uphold that rule long before I understood why it was so important.

  • Best literary tool

    Best literary tool

    Some years ago now a number of Federal politicians including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott claiming the Bible, when used as a literary tool, is second to none. What is more, living in a wonderful country, where such things can be said.

  • What brings joy?

    What brings joy?

    Over the last ten years, I have watched my parents age. They stopped playing golf and darts. They stopped looking after their garden and going on holidays.

  • Being spiritual – and spirituality

    Being spiritual – and spirituality

    A young woman was out trekking in the Australian outback. Somehow she and her companion had forgotten to bring their hats. The day got hotter and hotter, and she was desperate for a hat.

  • 11 of the 11 of the 11 – End of the Great War

    11 of the 11 of the 11 – End of the Great War

    Today, the 11 of the 11 of the 11 is the anniversary of the end of the Great War and memorial services are held all around the world including here in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Worst friend ever

    Worst friend ever

    I’ll be the first to say that if there was ever an award for “Worst Friend”, I would win first place.

  • A name

    A name

    Should the long view be considered, there are few nations that can match Argentina in soccer or Australia in field hockey  -  I speak as one who pioneered the Sports and Leisure Ministry and cricket chaplain from 1984.

  • I’m different from you

    I’m different from you

    Like it or not, I’m different from you and I’m okay with that. Your name, your age, your gender, your ethnicity and occupation may be different. We may have different interests, talents and abilities too. But should we let the systems of the world dictate how we interact with each other?

  • Offence and Neediness is not Godliness

    Offence and Neediness is not Godliness

    Recently I was saddened to hear that a Church I knew had undergone another split and that there were members of the Church that got offended and went their own way. Don’t get me wrong I'm all for Church planting as its the reason the faith has gone all over the world.

  • Really Hungry

    Really Hungry

    I have just returned from a few weeks in Myanmar, for the fourth year in a row. Every time I go, I am sent into a sort of spiritual “culture shock”, one that keeps me going back. It has to do with what I describe as extreme spiritual hunger.

  • The $50 note and the Christian connection

    The $50 note and the Christian connection

    Whirr–whirr–whirr–whirr–whirr… the boomerang sang as it began to circle back through the air towards David’s hand. He caught it with a single deft flick, then fingered the smooth acacia wood, deep in thought. What if…?