The war against connection

The war against connection

We need each other. We are not designed to do life on our own. In connection with others we find purpose, joy, comfort, encouragement, strength, partnership to achieve great things, refinement of character and most importantly, love.  

  • Being genuine

    Being genuine

    “Fakeness” and hypocrisy is part of our human condition called sin.

  • Zen games

    Zen games

    The term “Zen” has long been appropriated (or rather misappropriated) in English slang to describe a state of calm. 

  • Sex is God’s idea

    Sex is God’s idea

    I ordered my coffee and made myself comfortable in the corner of the café ready to read what I had been handed.

  • Are churches striving for excellence at the expense of authenticity?

    Are churches striving for excellence at the expense of authenticity?

    How do we best bring God glory in our worship services? Is it through the polished performances that are commonplace in many modern congregations?  What lies beneath the emotion and the noise?

  • Anchoring the soul

    Anchoring the soul

    Something occurred to me the other day: Anchors don't prevent ships from getting knocked around by waves.

  • Another ‘glory days’ story

    Another ‘glory days’ story

    As we approach the end of summer I want to share about my cricket team I help coach and the great year we had last season.

  • 3 myths of shouting

    3 myths of shouting

    My older boy was shouting to stop his younger brother from destroying his block tower. The younger one shouted back as he wanted some blocks too.

  • Who do you say I am?

    Who do you say I am?

    If Jesus were to ask you today, “Who do you say I am?”, what would your answer be?

  • What’s in my God spot? - Part 1

    What’s in my God spot? - Part 1

    The other day I left my chiropractic appointment feeling really offended.

  • Bread and circuses

    Bread and circuses

    Recently, I happened to stumble across a television series highlighting the greatest fights in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Competition). UFC, which combines wrestling, boxing and martial arts—and is most definitely not choreographed or staged—can at times seem less fighting and more cuddling.

  • How to talk to the ladies

    How to talk to the ladies

    Hey there, hope you are all doing well! As I mentioned in my last article, this year I am making a video every week.

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