What do you do when a dream dies?

What do you do when a dream dies?

I was fired from the job I loved. It was my fault. And I hated myself for it..

  • Art  -  Waiporoporo koru  -  “Purple koru/spiral”

    I painted the piece some years ago while I was studying youth work through praxis. We had been learning about bi-culturalism and how that informs our practise with young people.

  • People are not good enough, what do we need?

    I think we want to believe that people are ultimately good. It is more comfortable to think that evil is limited to a select few bad guys in the world who are responsible for all of it, and hence that average people are fine.

  • High Value - Praying ladies

    44 years ago when my wife Delma and I established our Christian ministry the first thing we arranged were five ladies willing to hold up our family and ministry in prayer on a daily basis. In all these years it has been these ladies who have penetrated the heavenlies.

  • Hello or hallow?

    I’ll admit I don’t always have God at the forefront of my mind, even when I’m reading the Bible or saying a prayer. Sometimes I do these things because I know it’s good for me, and other times it’s to tick the box or because of peer pressure.

  • The New Religion – Politics

    A new religion has swept the globe and it has almost more followers than all other religions combined: Politics. Politics is the new religion, and it has set itself up as a golden-idol in the hearts of millions around the world.

  • How to leave a church

    There’s no ‘correct’ way to leave a church. No perfect time to move on. Countless young people I have met describe to me a span of time they have spent ‘church-hopping’, and when I ask why this has been the case, they explain to me the ways they’ve been hurt by a certain church they used to be committed to – one that they poured their hearts into and felt they had been burned by in the end.

  • Lazy rapture living

    Late last year a work colleague and I started discussing end-time theology. The discussion was centred around the rapture and whether Christians would be raptured before, during or after the tribulation.

  • Confronting Atrocity

    In 2020 alone the world saw the undertaking of 30+ different terrorist attacks. Ranging from a single fatality to beyond 100 individuals in a single act, these events have become common place In most of our lives.

  • Pride drives it out

    My wife said: ‘you did a good job cleaning up the side’. A great uplifting compliment of recognition and appreciation.

  •  The Lord’s touch – what might this infer  

    This is my 44th year in Christian ministry and it's remarkable to look back and rejoice in what the Lord has done in one's life's ministry. In the midst of this have been some amazing people who have been mentors.

  • Cowboy Up

    Last article I mentioned the phrase ‘Cowboy Up'. Now, given all that’s happening in the world at the moment and in my own personal life, I thought it be a good idea to expand on that and how it applies to our walk of faith.