The miracle of the lost letter

The miracle of the lost letter

There have been times in my life when I have had to question where I am with God.  Am I still walking in God’s will for my life?.

  • Come as you are

    Around seven last Sunday morning, nineteen-year-old Jenny was on her way home from a party in her community when she heard the praise & worship team of a nearby church singing,

  • Wounds speak before they heal

    We can all remember an occasion, an incident, an altercation, some painful experience that hurt us. The pain inflicted may have been emotional or physical, and we can still remember the feeling if we think hard enough.

  • Your children will rise up and call you blessed


  • I forgive ME

    Forgiveness has never been an issue for me, or so I thought. To begin with, I have no problem forgiving others easily. After all, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans chapter 3, verse 23). No one is perfect and I have never expected anyone to be perfect.

  • Getting rid of stuff

    Looking for something different, I looked into my archives and found this, an article from revealing a story of a couple who realised they had way too much stuff. They had spent over the top on clothes, had a reality check, got rid of it all except the bare essentials and went walking.

  • Dichotomous, tabooed love

    We oftentimes speak about love and we attach our varied definition to this four-letter word often professed by our peers, family, friends, and most relatable, our significant other.

  • One of the most dangerous scriptures to the believer

    Many of us have one or more scriptures which we consider our favourite. One of the most popular ones among believers is Romans chapter 8, verse 28.  Many quote this scripture during unfavourable times to encourage themselves that despite the negative experiences, God will cause things to work in their favour in the end.

  • Why me?

    Have you ever paused to reflect on all you have been through and been tempted to ask God....”Why me?”. I know I have.

  • All Blacks Versus the IPL

    The All Blacks are the elite, gold standard, premiere, top shelf. Even though South Africa won the Rugby World Cup this year in Japan, the All Blacks are still the ones you want to beat. If you do beat the All Blacks it is was a very good win.

  • Israel Tourism

    Every year I write an article on tourism to the Holy Land and this year is of particular interest with so much drama in Israel along with Covid 19 restrictions.

  • Change. Really?

    As we come to the end of the year a lot of people are asking questions about 2021. What will change that will be different from 2020? Has the COVID19 pandemic really changed our society?