Are you ready - in body, mind and soul - to run for Jesus?

Are you ready - in body, mind and soul - to run for Jesus?

God is moving in the land of Australia and as we prepare our hearts to be his vessels we should also be preparing our bodies, minds and souls. I believe that God wants more than just a spiritually healthy church; He wants an army of people who love him and heed his wisdom, voice and his discipline.

  • Always on call

    Always on call

    One evening, I got a call-out to see a patient. It was a busy day and already getting late, but I knew the patient would appreciate me coming as opposed to calling out a locum. As I parked the car and prepared to do this last consult, a thought came into my head - "All for Jesus!"

  • Challenging consumerism culture

    Challenging consumerism culture

    In a world saturated with inequity, whereby society encourages us to look out for ourselves, greed rears its ugly head. Our culture consistently compels us to consume more.

  • The spirit of offense is toxic for the Christian

    The spirit of offense is toxic for the Christian

    I recently had an experience that caused me to reflect honestly on how easily offense can affect the church and render our witness ineffectual.

  • The Cure for Disillusionment

    The Cure for Disillusionment

    Disillusionment is a feeling of disappointment when you discover that something is not as good as you believed it to be.

  • Chamber of Commerce viewed sports ministry video

    Chamber of Commerce viewed sports ministry video

    As I’m filling in for David Goodwin our usual ‘sport young writer’ for the 12 December 2018, I reflected on yesterday’s Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast meeting where thjey viewed a sports ministry video with much acclaim.

  • No suffering is pointless

    No suffering is pointless

    I still remember the day I awoke with a feeding tube inserted through my nose, a breathing tube down my throat and a catheter inserted, for I had been unconscious for two whole days after a massive, and, very deliberate overdose. Restrained to the bed, naked under a gown and exposed to the entire world, I had never felt more vulnerable in my life.

  • Names and nicknames

    Names and nicknames

    Which soccer fans remember in 2014 when the then Prime Minister Toby Abbott referred to World Cup Socceroo captain as 'Mike' rather than his birth name 'Mile' (no “s”) on the eve of their match (next day) when they lost 1-3 to Chile.

  • Fake grass – The Battle for Your Mind

    Fake grass – The Battle for Your Mind

    I confess. I thought astroturf was fake grass. Apparently not! “The whole point of astroturf is to try and get the impression there is a whole lot of wide-spread support for or against an agenda when there is not.” Investigative journalist Sharyl Atkisson made that comment.

  • Singing through the shadows

    Singing through the shadows

    It’s not something we like to talk about, and yet the number of people who battle with their mental wellbeing is extremely high.

  • Yes, there are Ministry selfies

    Yes, there are Ministry selfies

    Selfies are something I have written on previously. They are so much part of life today, that another piece on selfies will not hurt at all.

  • Dare I ask

    Dare I ask

    A few weeks ago I came to the realisation that lately I’d been walking on train tracks with the Lord. Parallel. There, constant, moving forward but never touching. Close enough to see but not close enough to give direct access to my heart. I was holding him at arms width with the deepest reserves of my heart, ‘playing it safe’.