Waiting for God’s timing

Waiting for God’s timing

I remember when I was 14, someone told me that I should ask God for all of the fruits of the spirit, except for patience. The logic behind it was, that if we ask for patience, God will put us in situations where our patience will be stretched..

  • What can we do about our hypocrisy?

    “I can’t believe she’s having sex with him. I mean, she attends church. I don’t get it,” my friend said, puzzled.

  • Shhh... don’t tell, or should you?

    Have you ever noticed that the most unheeded instructions are those that begin with the words “do not”? When a friend says, “don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret; we tend to do just the opposite of what we are told. This is because of our desire to please ourselves and satisfy our curiosity.

  • The God who is there

    Recently I listened to an interview from a popular musician in Jamaica, who produced a song that was explicitly religious, with expressions that could be deemed Christian.

  • Difficult decisions in a crisis

    Constant change seems to be a consistent theme of this new Covid Era. Is it ironic that the only thing I can rely on is steady change?

  • Once radical - now mums of sons 

    It is 2020. Let’s take a look at 30-40 years ago. In the seventies there was a plethora of literature published as to how girls were at such a disadvantage socially and a huge effort went into ensuring our young women were provided equal opportunity in education and social mores.

  • Sex starts at the Cross

    I cringed a bit when I heard it. Not because it was strange and confusing, but the exact opposite: it was relentlessly and undeservedly popular. And what made it so cringe-inducing wasn’t just the phrase itself, but more so the unquestioned wisdom and axiomatic authority with which it has been carried by generations of men:

  • Lessons in obedience

    I’ll start this article off with a quick confession. I’m a 25-year-old stuck in an 85 year old body. I am chronically unfit, unimaginably uncoordinated, and as achy as a geriatric.

  • Quiet grace

    My boss was fuming.  Not at me personally, but at my department and in particular at one of my staff members who had made a serious error of judgement.

  • An old priority made new

    The year was 1975 and a grey August afternoon heralded my departure from the Australian state of Queensland, never to see or speak to many of my friends again.

  • What More Can He Say?

    The last words of a dying man are like gold. It is very riveting and compelling. It is always inspiring, especially if the person who dies is famous

  • Stutterers – fascinating

    This is growing in 2020. Eight years ago the Sydney Morning Herald noted that for the first time stutterers suffering severe ''social phobias'' linked to their speech impediment will be able to access psychological help online after successful Sydney trials for a new treatment.