There shall be no death, mourning or crying

There shall be no death, mourning or crying

It’s been just over a year since the World Health Organisation told the world about the Coronavirus. No one could have expected the months that followed, and we are still battling this dreadful disease..

  • I’m not interested in other people’s salvation

    It’s been a while since I have been a Christian now. I first met the Lord in my uni days, and ever since I have not departed from the faith. Though at a snail’s pace, I have definitely grown much since my spiritual birth: in wisdom, in Christ-like character, in doctrinal knowledge etc.

  • Safety Face

  • Get a load of these

    I’ve often read or been sent some great quotes over my 44 years in Christian ministry which reveal many a great truth. Some of these might make you jump!

  • Wear It Like You Mean It

    Clashing patterns, bright leggings and fluorescent tank-tops. These are the slightly horrifying and utterly cringy ...

  •  Plant The Cross

    This is a rehash of my 2019 Easter article – we are reminded our need to “plant the cross.”

  • Triathlon is back: Ironman

    After a year long Covid postponement the sport of Triathlon is back. The Australian summer has been blessed with the return of swim-bike-run events including the return of the Ironman Triathlon series.

  • Are you ready?

    On the 5th of March, New Zealand was awoken by earthquakes and Civil Defence tsunami warnings. People were asked to evacuate, and to stay out of water and off beaches.

  • Law, Fear and Justice – God and the State

    These are words that set my mind on edge, an unease on many levels: Uphold the law, and there will be nothing to fear. I’ve seen these words many times in many places, notably in a NAZI propaganda poster in WWII. However, the link between law and fear is not only in despotic states, but exists almost everywhere one looks.

  • Racism, royals and a silent revolution

    The recent strong exchanges between Royals over ‘who is racist’ have boiled over into a media frenzy for all to see. Racism has raised its ugly head yet again.

  • Building a strong foundation

    My father was a builder. He used to build houses and when I was a teenager, he would often ask me to help him as he laid out the foundations.

  • Invoking the name of God

    If you read my last article you will remember I spoke about the hysteria surrounding end times prophecies and dreams. Hundreds if not thousands of YouTube video dedicated to prophecies about ‘the rapture’ and that it was imminent.