Cradle hymns

Cradle hymns

As Christmas approaches so too the carols! Although not favoured by all, most people can at least pick a carol or two that they enjoy.

  • Marriage conflict deconstruction

    Marriage conflict deconstruction

    I met up with a group of girlfriends over dinner last week and we discussed about how we handled conflicts with our spouses. It was a very interesting conversation as we had different ways of approaching it.

  • Do we know the Holy Spirit?

    Do we know the Holy Spirit?

    What are your thoughts about the Holy Spirit? How important is he to you? Do you know him personally? The reason I ask is because I believe our relationship with him is the most important relationship we will have on the earth. Our relationship with him changes the way we walk with God.

  • The greatest invitation

    The greatest invitation

    Love is invitation.

  • Trial and triumph

    Trial and triumph

    Often in the work place you have to deal with power politics and passive-aggressive colleagues or customers who undermine, backstab, gossip and bully. People might besmirch you to the boss; demean you accusingly by the tone of their voice; reprimand you over trivial and petty things, just so they can feel powerful and in control, and or advance themselves in the workplace—not to mention other emotionally abusive behaviours.

  • Theology – Replacement No 2

    Theology – Replacement No 2

    My first article yesterday, in this series, I showed how there was conflict in Biblical texts about whether Christ at the Cross superseded the Old Covenant between God and the Jewish people. This is referred to as Replacement Theology, and it is commonly taught at seminaries all over the world.

  • After the High. Watch Out for the Low

    After the High. Watch Out for the Low

    How do you come down from an intense period? It has been asked of me because I have just finished a minor thesis. I took me a whole year to write this essay of 1600 words on the contradiction between hope and technology. If this essay gets a high enough grade I will be given permission to continue my research. I have been under pressure for a while.  As the final week loomed the pressure was showing.

  • Grace for Your Race

    Grace for Your Race

    In Psalms, we are instructed to magnify the Lord at all times. Magnify means to refocus and make something seem great/important. What we magnify as believers matters. Are we seeing things from a heavenly perspective? In a world that is constantly evolving, we have to fight to maintain God’s kingdom reality and mindset.

  • I don’t want to “catch-up”

    I don’t want to “catch-up”

    It was a coincidental encounter with a stranger. Although, that’s not quite true. They were not truly a stranger. In another life, we had been friends. 

  • Was Henri right?

    Was Henri right?

    Henri and I were young lawyers standing in a crowded suburban city-bound train heading for the same law office when he said: ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’. As quickly as that notion had casually arisen it disappeared off my radar for years to come, having no impact on me then.

  • Theology - Replacement No 1

    Theology - Replacement No 1

    Replacement Theology at theological college was taught as Super-succession-ism that Christ at the cross "superceded" the Old Covenant and at that point the Chosen People played no further part in the human processes of Salvation and lost their special place within the economy of God.

  • Unrepayable


    A gift is given joyfully, with no expectation of repayment.