Good grief: working through the pain of loss

Good grief: working through the pain of loss

Grief and love are forever intertwined..

  • And the truth is…

    I was in the reception area of a group of specialist doctors waiting to be called. The only other person present was a man about my age (hereafter ‘my friend’) who was waiting for his wife.

  • Working through acknowledgements

    Where do we go with acknowledgements - in recent years I have noted a number of Australia’s civilian honours and sadly, (history is replete with military honours) which are similarly ‘posthumous’ - or after the event of death. There has been a push for some years now to see one or more of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan to be awarded “posthumously”. 

  • Do all believers enter heaven?

    The bible is clear that it is “by grace we have been saved through faith.” So, clearly faith alone saves us so we qualify for heaven, period.

  • Would Jesus ban guns?

    After the banning of guns narrative was again pushed in the media after the tragic loss of lives in Texas recently, I wondered if Jesus walked among us today as he did over 2000 years ago, what would be his stance on the issue.

  • The Harvest is Here - Lessons from 2nd Feast of the Lord.

    Over the past 9 years, I have been deeply fascinated with the origins of the Christian faith and it has led me deeper into a relationship with God that I never would have experienced without this deep dive.

  • Raising giants

    When my wife rings, a picture pops up on my phone. It’s of my wife holding our oldest daughter having her very first swimming lesson at 12 months of age. In the photo my wife looks happy and my daughter looks suspicious of the water.

  • Deadly politics

    Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull once revealed the deadly nature of politics:

  • 3 Reasons not to fear the future

    Despite scientific advancements, greater education, fewer diseases, longer life expectancy and more money and resources than ever before in history, this age is known not for its peace, but for its persistent anxiety.

  • If I Stop Breathing then what?

    "You know what I admire so much about you? The amazing way in which you inhale and then you exhale and then you do it over and over and over. It's truly awesome!" 

  • What is the Mission of the Church?

    Why does the church exist? What is the purpose of the church? Does the mission for the church change over time or among different denominations?

  • It is Well: A Lesson from Terri

    Growing up, my neighbour, Terri, was very close to her father. A proud‘Daddy’s Girl.’ He believed in her andshowed her how to make her way in the world with love and courage. Her father gave her confidence andtaught her the importance of generosity.