Don’t be a Rachel

Don’t be a Rachel

I don’t want to be a Rachel..

  • Illegal Legalism

    Throughout our lifetimes we all find ourselves needing social ties, human connection and community. For some of us, we find that this need is primarily satisfied by our community of faith or church.

  • Cain Trains

    The Footplate Padre was born and raised in the Mackay region of Queensland which is a huge sugar cane growing area. There were several sugar mills in the region and they were all largely supplied in the fifties by an astonishing 2 foot gauge railway network.

  • Delay is not a denial

    It was a busy day. Since it was five o'clock in the afternoon, everyone seemed to be rushing around. I witnessed some people impatiently moving to another cashier because of the long queue when I was in line at the grocery store.

  • The upper room: the womb of revival

    The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was preceded by prayer and supplication. This pattern remains the standard for revival throughout church history—revival is always preceded by prayer.

  • God, where are You?

    The forces of evil have heightened across the world. This is evident in  the increased violence, injustice, immorality and the hatred mankind has towards what is just and true. People are dying, families are hurting and many might ask,“God, Where are you?” 

  • God Save the Queen

    The phrase “once in a lifetime” is one of those terms that gets thrown around so often that it has lost a lot of its significance, like “hero” or “apocalypse”, applied to events by lazy journalists or over-excited commentators as a shortcut to save coming up with something original.

  • To judge or not to judge. You be the judge.

    “You’re so judgmental!” someone cries out.

  • Morling and Vose seminaries – working well

    Two years ago it was announced that the boards of Morling College Sydney and Baptist Churches Western Australia would see a merger of their seminaries.

  • The science of population

    Over these past 14 years I have occasionally written on population. I recall mentioning that in 2008 a former missionary (a lady) who spent many years in Bangladesh and who travelled extensively throughout the sub-continent and south east Asia said that Australia could settle 20 million from that region.

  • Unfailing love

    An unfailing love is a love so freely given with no strings attached. A love we do not deserve, a love of purest form. A love that testifies with time, a love that redeems and transforms. This unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him (Psalm chapter 32, verse 10).

  • Philosophy is a winner  

    The Well-Being Australia 'Country Town Tour' program which has run since the mid-eighties has often had long lead-up times as preparations need to be put in place such as youth programs, schools, service clubs, men's breakfasts and dinners and the like.