Elise’s Blanket

Elise’s Blanket

When I released my collection of short stories years ago I used an extremely talented illustrator to give a visual ....

  • Sport Art  -  Catching the waves  

  • Sewing to the Lord

    Over the past year I’ve found myself at home with my sewing machine again, after quite some time of being too impatient to sew and using other means of creative expression instead.

  • SOAR  -  Acrylic on Board

    But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.

  • What do you see in your backyard?

    I never get tired of looking out from my timber deck into an adjacent park, shown in the photo. I see the fertile, tree-lined landscape. I see many people passing by getting out to enjoy the sun. It’s awesome.

  • How to Preach from Paintings

    God gave me a vision to paint this oil work mid-2019 and I completed it by the first week of lock down in 2020 due to covid 19 in Melbourne.

  • I See A Person Running. What can you see?

    I am searching for shapes when moving colour on any surface. It is a normal human trait to see patterns. When I see something others tend to see something else. It is the same here in this piece that now confronts you, if you ever walk into my house.

  • Spring colours -  Tronson du Coudray  

    As a member of the Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce over many years Tronson du Coudray has presented a painting for the monthly breakfast ‘business card draw’.

  • Sport Art  -  Hockey  

    ‘Hockey’ was one of series of art works by Tronson du Coudray on sport.

  • Where they run  -  Cricket Art  

    ‘Where they run’ was one of series of art works by Tronson du Coudray on cricket.

  • Have you seen a marshmallow farm

    How often do you view your surroundings like a child does?

  • The sound of seraphim

    There is a neurological trait known as “Synaesthesia”, which in a crossing of cognitive pathways causes a person to have two or more perceived sensory experiences to a singular actual sensory stimulus.