The Rebecca Hoverd Story

The Rebecca Hoverd Story

I’m Rebecca Hoverd and I have had the absolute privilege of growing up on Auckland’s North Shore for all my 23 years of life..

  • My story

    When meeting someone for the first time, we often ask people what they do for a living. While there’s nothing wrong with a nice, simple, clean answer, I’ve wrestled for a number of years with not placing my identity in what I do, but rather in who I am.

  • The Matthew Thornton Story

    Hi, my name is Matthew. I am 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Blake Gardiner Story - Certain of God

    Someone once wrote, “Our lives are a wonderfully messy tapestry of earthly disappointments, grace and God’s abundant love.” That was my now fiancée, Jessica Knell. Her modest nature scolds me for quoting her work, but her words are true, nonetheless.

  • The Jessica Knell Story

    I arrived in August 1996, the oldest daughter of my parents Natasha and Mark Knell. Following closely behind, my sister Rebecca (1998) and then in his typical laidback manner, my brother Daniel (2006) decided to turn up.

  • Liverpool end 30-year drought!!

    With Covid -19 wreaking havoc across the sporting globe, the premiership resumed behind closed doors 2 weeks ago with a congested fixture schedule to ensure all 36 rounds are complete by the end of July.

  • Dancing in His sigh

    Blessed is the one who walks, not dances

  • The Neville Hiatt Story

    What would you write if you were asked to share your story? If you were only given one page, which parts of your life would you highlight?

  • Global Warming or Global Warning?

    With large numbers of Australian farmers and cattlemen on the brink of losing their livelihood after decades of drought the situation this year is more desperate than ever. And what is even more concerning for many is that weather experts say that relief is nowhere in sight. 

  • The Mussita Ng Story

    I was born in and spent the first 20 years or so of my life in Malaysia. My first recollections of church life was being invited to “Celebration House” – a kids ministry programme by a lovely family friend whom we affectionately called Aunty Marie.

  • The Haydn Lea Story

    Haydn Lea writes  -  I have been one of the ‘young’ writers for a few years now. Like others, I have been given the opportunity to share some of ‘my story’.

  • Young Scientist of the Year 2005 – to Uni Professor

    A wonderful interviews for the Australian Missionary News IPTV, Nathanael Yates from Perth - Australian Young Scientist of the Year from 2005. He is now a science professor at Queensland Uni.