Roden Meares

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Roden Meares enjoys playing basketball, reading comics and going to the gym. He has a passion for evangelising and helping others in their faith through writing.

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  • The exacerbation of suffering

    Suffering is beyond bitter at times. It can be extremely divisive, turning church-goer to atheist, turning resiliency into despondency.

  • Reconciling faith and work

    Just as a statue represents a person’s likeness, we too represent God. Fundamentally, we are representatives of God. We are here for his glory. We are made in his image so we might reflect him.

  • What can suffering accomplish?

    Embracing suffering has to be one of the most contrasting elements of our faith compared with the secular. For the secular sufferer, pain is something to be ignored, suppressed, dulled, removed, shirked.

  • Reflections on purpose

    Beneath every decision we make is a hidden motivator. Purpose. Whether consciously or subconsciously we move in the direction of our purpose. When we commit a kind deed, it comes from somewhere deep inside of us. A yearning to fulfil what is somehow empty.

  • Suffer better 

    Much has been said about the biblical perspective of suffering. You have heard it before that we are to rejoice in our sufferings. To consider it pure joy when facing various trials.  

  • The church’s contrasting response to Covid-19

    It has been hard to turn on the news lately. The constant stream of bad news isn’t particularly appealing. Social media also seems to be filled with negative opinions and shaming.

  • Satan’s tactics in spiritual deconstruction

    Have you heard stories of people falling away from the faith? Isn’t it terribly saddening?

  • A prayer for America: meditating on God’s sovereignty

    While deciding about what to write about this month, I was collecting my thoughts about the state of America.But as I went to intercede all I could feel was to meditate on the sovereignty of God. The following is my prayer to America.

  • New sociological thought born from a pandemic

    In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, Western Europe was rocked by the industrial revolution. Factories were becoming increasingly mechanised. Production exploded as a result.

  • Memorising worship hooks

    “Fight the good fight”(1 Timothy chapter 6, verse 12), the good book says. “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuit since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.” (2 Timothy chapter 2, verse 4) Paul exhorts.