Roden Meares

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Roden Meares enjoys playing basketball, reading comics and going to the gym. He has a passion for evangelising and helping others in their faith through writing.

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  • Memorising worship hooks

    “Fight the good fight”(1 Timothy chapter 6, verse 12), the good book says. “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuit since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.” (2 Timothy chapter 2, verse 4) Paul exhorts.

  • John Wick, a killer

    Lately, God has been convicting me about the type of media I take in. Not long ago, I watched this movie called John Wick. Only now have my eyes been opened to the sinfulness of this movie.

  • Addiction and lifestyle changes

    Addiction causes havoc in many lives. It may be drugs, sugar, screen time, drinking, shopping, gambling or pornography.

  • The greatest invitation

    Love is invitation.

  • Lake of fire

    It’s hard not to recoil at the mention of hell. Personally, I struggle. But I believe there to be utility in understanding and dwelling on the doctrine.

  • The mystery of mental illness

    There is a type of viciousness with mental health issues.

  • A healthy pursuit for a relationship

    So the perfect plan for life is to finish tertiary study, find a full time job, find a partner, have kids, retire.

  • Competitiveness is ugly

    At every level, competitiveness is ugly and uncouth. You could even say that it contrasts selflessness. It’s an ugly battle. People try the hardest to beat the person next to them.

  • The fallen mindset and its bleak interpretations

    I remember hearing interviews of Olympians before they would compete. Are you nervous? The interviewer asked. “No, I’m excited” they replied. I remember hearing the same response from people who were about to do public speaking.

  • Denominations, a fancy word for disunity

    For someone to plot disunity, an effective strategy would be to focus on differences.