Tim Price

Press Service International

Tim is currently a youth pastor in California. He loves God and has a heart to see people know Jesus and His will for their lives, and the time they’re living in.

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  • A Plague on both your Houses!

    This now famous line from Shakespeare’s Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet has echoed through the halls of modern world history. A lesson therein for our own time now pleads for our attention.

  • Fundamentals vs. castles in the sky

    Much of today's Western Church desperately needs to get back to spiritual fundamentals. Its castles in the sky seem impressive, but they have largely been devoid of fruit and many have become corrupt.

  • War on Europe’s Door – The End of the World as we know it?

    The unthinkable has happened: Russia is once again a threat to a global peace that has held strong since the Cold War ended in 1989.

  • Don’t Look Up!

    At the time of writing this I’ve just got done experiencing the movie ‘Don’t Look Up!’ for the first time. I say ‘experiencing’ because ‘watching’ doesn’t do justice in describing what it’s done to me; its’ message already haunts me—searing itself into my mind and spirit the way few movies can do in an average lifetime.

  • A ‘Christian’ response to Covid?

  • Salvation: sovereignty versus free will?

  • A tale of two Kingdoms

    A bizarre thing has happened to Christendom in the last decade.

  • ‘To vaccinate’ or ‘not vaccinate’ - that is the question!

    The worldwide response to Covid is creating two angry, divided, and judgmental camps; the ‘vaccinate if you care about others’ crew, and the ‘I have a right to my own body’ brigade. The ugly result is that vaccine tribalism has ironically become its own pandemic.

  • Truth: The Problem with ‘Making Up Your Own Mind’

    I don’t want to hear one more of your opinions. Anyone’s opinions—not a single one; I’m done. I don’t care what you think about the environment, politics, culture, economics, education, or the state of world affairs.

  • Street Preaching – You can do it!

    Although this method of Gospel-sharing is mostly misunderstood and rejected by much of the church these days (in favour of so called ‘better’ ways), street-preaching was THE method the Holy Spirit chose and the Early Church used to spread the Good News.