Sheelagh Wegman

Press Service International

Sheelagh Wegman, BA, IPEd Accredited Editor is a freelance writer and editor. She is part of the community of St David’s Cathedral in Hobart and lives in the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

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  • Ragged edges

    I read a story that reminded me a little of the prodigal son Jesus talks about in Luke chapter 15. In this case it was about a poor family whose only son had to leave home to find work and was away for a very long time.

  • Look up!

    We have a gift shop at the back of the Cathedral and part of the job is to welcome visitors and invite them in to look at the beautiful windows and marvel at the high vaulted ceilings and the carvings.

  • The Blame Game

    It’s more than half gone, but 2020 feels like a year that might be best removed from the calendar. There’s echoes from the song in Jesus Christ Superstar: ‘Could we start again please?’

  • A letter to a reader in the future

    What would I say about the year 2020 in a letter to the future?

  • Wind!

    Bushland suburbs in the foothills of Mt Wellington are cleaning up after a near-cyclonic windstorm over several days last week. The sound of chainsaws and trucks with mulchers was heard everywhere during the calmer days of the weekend.

  • Pigeons

    Pigeons have made a home for themselves in our larger cities, a familiar sight as they strut about scrounging crumbs and food scraps. Their soft cooing sound is lovely to hear in the early morning and in the evenings as they gather together to roost.

  • Life and death

    We’re all now getting used to the daily reports and advice about COVID-19. Our lives are captive to a very, very tiny particle. We maintain our distance, isolate, stay at home and wash, wash, wash our hands. Oh, and we try not to touch our faces. Well, not too much.

  • ‘Time is out of joint’

  • Thoughts and prayers

    ‘My thoughts and prayers are with you.’

  • Stones that talk

    Mention the word ‘stone’ and what springs to mind? Something solid, hard, inert, permanent, cold, immovable? We might say someone is ‘stony faced’, or has a heart of stone. There may be a ‘stony silence’ in a room after a heated discussion. Painful stones can lodge in our kidneys and gallbladder!