Sheelagh Wegman

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Sheelagh Wegman, BA, IPEd Accredited Editor is a freelance writer and editor. She is part of the community of St David’s Cathedral in Hobart and lives in the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

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  • ‘Time is out of joint’

  • Thoughts and prayers

    ‘My thoughts and prayers are with you.’

  • Stones that talk

    Mention the word ‘stone’ and what springs to mind? Something solid, hard, inert, permanent, cold, immovable? We might say someone is ‘stony faced’, or has a heart of stone. There may be a ‘stony silence’ in a room after a heated discussion. Painful stones can lodge in our kidneys and gallbladder!

  • Thanks for the ride

    This really happened a few years ago, as I was heading on a long drive on a winding country road. Something caught my eye as I drove down the steep hill.

  • Something special

    I like to cook. It gives me time to think, to consider and muse about ordinary, everyday things, like making a dessert.

  • Getting in the way

    It was billed as an exciting concert, not to be missed. A brilliant young musician who had been a child prodigy and continued to ‘wow’ audiences with a brilliance of technique that was rarely seen or heard.

  • Counting fish?

    Fifty years ago an amazing thing happened and most of the world watched in awe as humans stepped out of a spacecraft and walked on the moon.

  • Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

  • It’s rude to stare, but…

    A visit to Melbourne always involves at least one train ride. I love train travel. The gentle rocking, the click of the rails, the whoosh as the train comes into the station. The beep of the doors as they open. It’s a relaxing way to travel and I like looking into the backyards and gardens along the line.

  • Getting it right

    Not all churches observe the seasons of the church year, particularly Lent, the season we are in as I write this. But as I get older I appreciate this time more and more.