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Sam Gillespie is a composer, programmer and PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales.Sam Gillespie's previous articles may be viewed at

  • Life’s reality – playing and learning

    I first penned someone along these lines in 2016 and am now looking over it for some updating. Isn’t it amazing, our capacity to learn when we are having fun! Video games are often rolled out when this subject comes up and I think it is for good reason.

  • Is the our world turning into the Truman show

    Is the world we see online just an edited version of the real world in which we live, a Truman show of the entire earth? Perhaps a reviewer might say that this past season has certainly had a popular plot arch in Trump and the newcast of our ongoing show is building towards the environmental jeopardy of global warming.

  • Online personalities and following Christ

    Who are you online and who are you talking to?

  • Political correctness and going too far

    The cry rings out across the internet, "political correctness has gone too far!", “it is too politically correct!”, but how can anything be too correct?

  • Identity Crisis? What of modern carols

    I have written previously on historic carols and newer carols and am now revisiting this after four years. In that article I spoke of finding a 2013 top 10 Christian Christmas songs.

  • Opinion: Community

    A sense of belonging is like invisible roots, planting us within a social field. In a good environment well-being develops, comfort and loyalty envelopes, this is a desirable state for a person.

  • Being Critical of Your Feed

    Across India a number of fatal lynchings have taken place over the past few months. The cause is misinformation spread with messages on Whatsapp. Pressure has now been mounting on Whatsapp and new initiatives have been started to educate high schoolers on being discerning when reading messages they receive.

  • View: Play or learn, why not both?

    Isn’t our capacity to learn when we are having fun amazing! Video games are often rolled out when this subject comes up and I think it is for good reason.

  • View: Praise the LORD

    I think that, conservatively, at least half of the Christians you spoke to in a church service could raise criticisms of the sung worship that they just took part in.

  • If “Time is money”, is money time?

    The common saying, “Time is money”, is often used to convey the trade of a person’s time for another’s money. However is it fair to say that, “Money is time”?