Reuben Skewes

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Reuben Skewes is an Australian pastor’s kid by birth, a graphic designer by trade and a husband and father by choice. He spent many years working with troubled teens, served as a pastor in his local church and currently is pioneering new ways to combine mission and technology to share Jesus.

  • How do I handle conflict with non-Christians?

    I’m only in my mid 30’s, but I have seen a solid quantity of conflict (some of which I have been a part of, most of which I have observed). From serious family conflicts, or workplace disagreements to petty fights because someone cut the supermarket line.

  • Tell great stories and live great lives

    We all have that one friend that is great at telling stories. Whether it’s a crazy story of adventure or a sad tale of heartache, we enjoy listening to them because they grab our attention and take us on a journey.

  • MissioDei – Living a life of purpose

    There is an old Latin term ‘Missio Dei’ which means the “Mission of God” or the “Sending of God”— It refers to God’s great mission to restore humanity to Himself (by sending Jesus) and His call to us, His Church to take part in the mission. It is a mission that has been at play for thousands of years and continues to this day.

  • Should Christians fear artificial intelligence & the future?

  • I gave a stranger $50, and it changed my life

    I was reminded recently of an unusual conversation I had with the Holy Spirit several years ago while at Bible college…

  • Hope still lives here

  • Freedom fighters – revived for a reason

    You cannot deny, Jesus was straight gangster (go with me on this one) — He was born in the ghetto, nobody really knew who the father was, and His inner circle was made up of criminals and prostitutes. He was always in trouble with the law, was killed by a mob and now everyone writes songs about Him…

  • Do people really matter?

    I recently sat and watched the sunset over the roofline of my neighbourhood, the repeated brick and mortar jungle I live within. In the shadow of a day drawing closed I pondered and looked on as those around me returned home - mothers, tradesmen, students, businessmen and grandmas. All with their own lives, their own thoughts, and their own stories.

  • 6 convictions of effective faith sharing Christians

    Biblical convictions are essential for spiritual maturity and growth. Convictions are part of your character. The dictionary defines Convictions as ‘fixed or strong beliefs’. Convictions can be much more than that. Your convictions include your motivations, values, and commitments.

  • 3 things Christians can do to embrace artificial intelligence and the future

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad area of computer science (don’t tune out yet) dedicated to the creation of software or hardware which can act, learn and adapt to the real world like humans do.