Pepper Jane

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Pepper Jane from the Toowoomba is a recovering workaholic and (under usual circumstances) a touring musician. Pepper Jane was raised free range on a farm on the Darling Downs. Pepper Jane generally writes for the arts, entertainment, folk music magazines and brewing songs within her own flexible schedule. It is the Lord to whom her craft celebrates.

  • A review of U2’s 2019 Australian tour

    Sometimes you have to wait two years to see what was always coming to you, too: U2.

  • Home vs Away

    Every now and then I come across this photo - it’s one of my favourite shots (of me) ever - probably because it was actually on stage, rather than staged.

  • Parity vs Purity (Part 2)

    So if my anger - which has been very low since I embraced my purpose in music 7 years ago, which I partly also attributed to alcohol - has returned when I’m not drinking alcohol, what am I doing wrong?

  • Parity vs Purity (Part 1)

    In the end of this new beginning, I’m beginning to realise the parity of everything.

  • Heat vs humility

    Watching the Brisbane Heat get beaten in the semifinal of the Big Bash League (Thurs Feb 4) had me thinking – afterwards – that it was a glorious bestowment of humility.