Mussita Ng

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Mussita Ng is a follower of Jesus Christ from Wellington, New Zealand. Her previous articles may be viewed at

  • Your children will rise up and call you blessed


  • The size of my faith

    The word conjures a religious picture in our minds. Believing in something bigger than us. Taking a leap into the unknown. We think of spiritual giants like David and Abraham. More often than not, faith is painted as a colossal spiritual accomplishment. 

  • Live and love like Jesus

    Such strange times. 

  • Come, Lord Jesus

    Words every believer would have heard at least once in their Christian journey. Also words that we probably do not dwell on given the number of times we hear them and still don’t see.. well… the end.

  • Just one touch of Jesus

    Across the world, news of the pandemic seems to have become a norm months later. Here in New Zealand, there is a sense of relief and even triumph as we went weeks without an active case of Covid 19. The occasional cases that popped upkeep us on our toes as we live with this new normal.

  • Faith that sees beyond the natural

    For Christians and churches in New Zealand, the past one year has been a somewhat interesting time. We have had rude awakenings from the passing of an extreme abortion law and more recently, the passing of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill.

  • We have to teach our own kids?

    Coranavirus. Covid 19. We’ve all heard about it.

  • Defending one of us

    What if I told you depending on your size right now, I will not consider you a part of my community? Oh, if you had any physical problems, you will not be allowed to be around me?

  • That table flipping Jesus

    Recently, dropping into Facebook meant seeing a string (almost seems like a never ending one) of posts regarding the halftime show of the Super Bowl.

  • All year resolutions

    Christmas has come and gone. The celebrations would have somewhat settled down. While some of us may still be soaking in the wonders of the season (or what's left of it), others like me have pulled out our faithful little notebooks (and gadgets!) to start penning down resolutions. I don't think I would call myself a full on New Year's resolution kind of person, but I sure like to see a checklist or have some ideas of what I would like accomplished in the next year.