Mussita Ng

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Mussita Ng is a follower of Jesus Christ from Wellington, New Zealand. Her previous articles may be viewed at

  • Defending one of us

    What if I told you depending on your size right now, I will not consider you a part of my community? Oh, if you had any physical problems, you will not be allowed to be around me?

  • That table flipping Jesus

    Recently, dropping into Facebook meant seeing a string (almost seems like a never ending one) of posts regarding the halftime show of the Super Bowl.

  • All year resolutions

    Christmas has come and gone. The celebrations would have somewhat settled down. While some of us may still be soaking in the wonders of the season (or what's left of it), others like me have pulled out our faithful little notebooks (and gadgets!) to start penning down resolutions. I don't think I would call myself a full on New Year's resolution kind of person, but I sure like to see a checklist or have some ideas of what I would like accomplished in the next year. 

  • Don’t let your tail grow back again!

    We have recently been studying reptiles during our Science lessons. There are so many interesting reptiles. But what is even more interesting is the special traits that God has given each of them.

  • When you hate your name

    Do you like your name? Growing up, I had my fair share of teasing when it came to my name (and also nickname). Even with the most beautiful and well-meaning name, someone will be able to annoy you with it. Ahh.. the joys of growing up!

  • Obsessed with death

    Early in August 2019, an extreme abortion bill flew through its first reading in New Zealand.

  • Learn, unlearn and relearn

    My daughter takes piano lessons. There is a lot of consistent practice that is expected when learning an instrument. Recently, she learnt a piece and practiced it daily.

  • When God steps into your routine

    I recently finished reading the biography of Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth, or Betty, as she was more fondly called was the wife of Jim Elliot. He is well known as one of five missionaries killed while trying to make contact with the Auca, a tribe from Ecuador. 

  • Who will go to hell?

    I have read with much interest the news surrounding public figures who are Christians and their stands or belief on certain subjects. In our part of the world, Israel Folau and Scott Morrison has created quite the stir with their thoughts on who will go to hell.

  • There is no separating God and morality

    My most recent article on rethinking vaccinations and its connection to abortion generated quite a response from both sides of the fence. I expected that much as it is always a hot topic when discussed.