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Dr Mark Tronson is a Baptist minister (retired) who served as the Australian cricket team chaplain for 17 years (2000 ret) and established Life After Cricket in 2001. He was recognised by the Olympic Ministry Medal in 2009 presented by Carl Lewis Olympian of the Century. He mentors young writers and has written 24 books, and enjoys writing. He is married to Delma, with four adult children and grand-children. Dr Tronson writes a daily article for Christian Today Australia (since 2008) and in November 2016 established Christian Today New Zealand. Dr Mark Tronson’s Press Service International in 2019 was awarded the Australasian Religious Press Association’s premier award, The Gutenberg. In September 2020 Summer Moore presented her commission portrait of Dr Mark Tronson holding the Gutenberg plaque. The above photo is the upper part from this portrait.

Mark Tronson's archive of articles can be viewed at:

  • Is a Minister's job safe?

    Is a Minister's job safe. Some time ago the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on a wide variety of occupations that are under threat and a host that are relativity secure.

  • Lockdown for schools

    No, this is not about Covid 19 restrictions. These are reality facts, not some myth. Some time ago East Hills Boys High School and Sir Joseph Banks High School - both in south-west Sydney went into lockdown after a social media threat, then St Andrews Cathedral School the following day and earlier in the month the University of NSW.

  • Pets are rarely Australian natives

    For years when working as a locomotive engineman hauling steel trains on the Unanderra-Summit Tank line one household had a pet Wallaby.

  • China - 50 million more men

    Australia is witnessing China’s economic power as we speak with their reduction of imports from Australia. How might this impact on their excess of men.

  • No-go areas for the clergy

    There are no-go areas for journalists when interviewing a celebrity and this raised my antenna as to what might be some of the no-go areas when interviewing ministers and missionaries and / or in mutual conversation.

  • Penalty Rates – what of Ministers

    This affects all church goers. There are quite a few of us, in the millions in Australia alone. In some places, Church building are being sold due to a lack of parishioners.

  • Summer of 3 mission respite facilities

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions is celebrating at the end of 2020 as one of ‘three facilities’.

  • Climate Change and Religion

    The arguments have been out there for years now  -  I am doubtful now whether I could even explain what Climate Change is  -  as my feeble attempt would have both sides of the fence down on me like a ton of bricks. 

  • International young writers 

    In 2021 the International young writers who have been standing alone in operations for the past three years finally become independent from Press Service International.

  • Getting rid of stuff

    Looking for something different, I looked into my archives and found this, an article from revealing a story of a couple who realised they had way too much stuff. They had spent over the top on clothes, had a reality check, got rid of it all except the bare essentials and went walking.