Kimberley Salmon

Press Services International

Kimberley Salmon is a praise and worship leader who remains passionate about touching hearts through singing and writing as she thrives to become a published author of Christian women’s fiction. She loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is grateful for God’s saving grace which continues to transform her life. As a senior Press Service International Columnist, she is elated that she can now share her journey with God with the world.

  • The Bridgerton effect

    Though not a Christian series, the Netflix period drama, Bridgerton reminded me of that time when honour and duty governed society.

  • That obsession with superheroes

    We live in an era where people are obsessed with caped crusaders. Between Marvel™ and DC Comics™, we have a plethora of superheroes to choose from.

  • The good place?

    I stumbled upon a rather peculiar series called ‘The Good Place’. As you may have guessed, the series focused on the afterlife in what should be heaven.

  • But love is enough

    Those butterflies you get in your stomach. The way your eyes and being light up when they walk by or talk to you. The dreams you have of being with them for all time. You spend every waking moment together and you could never believe that one person could change your entire life in this way. Every dream you have is coloured by their existence, and you wonder how you ever lived without this person.

  • Against all odds

    When I was younger, I had a dream to be a diplomat. Promptly I was told by two family members that I was not pursuing subjects to pursue that career, history being one.

  • Your friendship could change a life

    “There are days, when I feel the best of me is ready to give in. Then there are days, when I feel, I am letting go, soaring on the wind…” the opening verse of Jacqui Velazquez’s On My Knees.

  • A modern day pilgrimage

    In early 2014 I made the decision that, as a professional in the foreign service field, I needed to finally do postgraduate studies. My eyes set to see the world, I found a two-year master’s in international studies to be undertaken by scholarship in Vienna, Austria.

  • Uniquely Loved

    My first name, Kimberley (the alternate version spelt Kimberly) is very common and my maiden name, Morgan, just as popular.

  • Regaining faith-ending God friended me

    In February of this year, my article entitled ‘God Friended Me’ introduced you to the characters of said series. 

  • GPS…God positioning system

     It was about three Christmases ago and I was visiting my family in Brewster, New York, which is a suburban village about anhour’s drive to the Triborough area. On specific occasions or long journeys, my cousin’s husband would use the global positioning system (GPS)to map unfamiliar destinations.