Kate Tooke

Press Services International

My name is Kate and I love gardening, exercising, and being involved with my church social groups. I have loved to write from a young age, and took up poetry as a teenager. I have recently got married and am enjoying getting used to married life.

  • Transformation Station

    When you take that step to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, your life changes dramatically.

  • Down the rabbit hole

    As Easter draws closer, many young children around the world are getting excited for the arrival of the Easter bunny. They are often being raised oblivious to the true meaning of Easter and of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

  • Dedicate or saturate

    After the birth of their child, many Christian parents face the decision of whether or not to dedicate or baptize their babies. Some Christian denominations or churches believe that infant baptism is acceptable, and some churches practice baby dedications.

  • Where's God when I'm scared

    If God is real, then why do bad things happen?

  • Through the storm

    Everybody on this earth faces challenges or difficulties at some point of their lives. No one is immune from trauma or suffering. But as Christians, how do we cope when things go wrong? And what does God teach us during those struggles?

  • Santa or saviour

  • Hold your tongue

    Freedom of speech is becoming a controversial topic in society today. You can be attacked for saying or not saying just ...

  • Nothing to fear

    All over the world we are currently dealing with the virus Covid 19 in some way or another. Whether it be through lockdowns, testing, immunizations or simply just from what we are seeing in the media. We are all becoming familiar with new protocols of hand washing and face masks as well.

  • Building a bridge

    “Pablito the Bible was meant to be a bridge not a wedge.” This quote from the Alex Sanchez book “the God box” reminds us of what God truly intended His Word to be a tool for.

  • Spare the rod

    Discipline. Most of us experienced some form of discipline growing up. We were given boundaries and told no and occasionally punished if we did wrong. But since God is our loving father, what does His discipline look like? How does it fit in with His plan for us?