Kate Tooke

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My name is Kate and I love gardening, exercising, and being involved with my church social groups. I have loved to write from a young age, and took up poetry as a teenager. I have recently got married and am enjoying getting used to married life.

  • Judge and Jury

    We are taught from very young that it is wrong to have stereotypes of others and to be prejudiced against certain groups or types of people. In society today, we constantly hear about sexism, racism and inequality. But how many of us really understand what it means to judge others?

  • A crowd of many witnesses

    As Christians, we love it when we are able to bring somebody to God for the first time and watch their transformation. After all, being saved is the starting point of any Christians walk with God.

  • When God closes a door

    Lots of us have had the frustrating experience of praying for something and not getting what we prayed for. Whether it be a job opportunity, a healing or simply just something that we really want.

  • Accept the unexpected

    “The thing I love about Christianity is that it’s the one religion that basically says: you stink! Come on in!” This quote from comedian Brad Stine is actually quite true.

  • Jesus loves the little children

    “Jesus loves the little children, all children of the world.” This well known children’s song dates back to 1862 and reminds us from an early age how much God truly cares for the little ones on earth.

  • Through the storm

    Everybody on this earth faces challenges or difficulties at some point of their lives. No one is immune from trauma or suffering. But as Christians, how do we cope when things go wrong? And what does God teach us during those struggles?

  • Disable or God abled?

    So long as there have been people on this earth, there have been people with disabilities and impairments. From Moses having a stutter in the old testament to the blind and lame beggars in the new testament.

  • The Kate Tooke Story

    The story of how I came to know God isn’t your standard story of a good Christian upbringing, nor is it a dramatic rags to riches tale. My story is simply one of how a damaged and bitter young girl took the chains of rejection and turned them into the armour of God’s redemption.

  • To live is to die

    The Bible teaches us that God is the author of life and not only gives us life, but has the power to take our lives away. “for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb.” (Psalm chapter 139, verse 13).

  • Genie in a bottle

    “You may ask for anything in my name and I will do it.”( John chapter 14, verse 14).  This verse confirms to us as Christians that not only can God do anything, but we have the right to ask him for anything.