Kate Tooke

Press Services International

My name is Kate and I love gardening, exercising, and being involved with my church social groups. I have loved to write from a young age, and took up poetry as a teenager. I have recently got married and am enjoying getting used to married life.

  • Genie in a bottle

    “You may ask for anything in my name and I will do it.”( John chapter 14, verse 14).  This verse confirms to us as Christians that not only can God do anything, but we have the right to ask him for anything.

  • Eye in the sky

    As Christians we know that God watches over us and is aware of everything that we think and do. But does knowing this really make us more accountable for our thoughts and actions? Or do we just trust that God will forgive us and continue acting the same way as always have?

  • Thou shalt not kill

    Abortion has been a controversial topic with the new Zealand government with the recent bill passing which legalizes abortion right up until the birth of the child. But is the pro life belief outdated? Or is aborting a baby actually murder?

  • The heart of worship

    Worship. It’s a prayer, a song or even just a public declaration. But however you prefer to give our amazing creator praise, it is a well known fact that worship is an essential part of our Christian walk.

  • Living on a prayer

    Prayer. It’s our hotline to heaven, our time with our Creator, and a one of the most vital parts of our lives as Christians.

  • Santa or saviour

    Santa, Father Christmas, jolly old Saint Nick. Whatever you want to call him. The  man in red has been a widely acclaimed part of the Christmas tradition since he was first painted by cartoonist Thomas Nast in 1881 as part of a poem illustration.

  • What the Hell

    Hell. This word is often used as an expression by people in many ways (e.g. what the hell, when hell freezes over, a hell of a lot/time). But to Christians, hell is a very real place and is quite frankly somewhere that we would rather avoid! But the question remains, what is hell and more importantly how do we avoid winding up there?

  • Part time Christian in a full on world

    “People drink their coffee hot or cold. But nobody likes it lukewarm. Not even the Lord.”

  • Pride and prejudice

    Homosexuality has been one of the most controversial topics among Christians since the beginning of time. Many believers today are caught between the views of the ever liberal secular world and the interpretations of the bible.

  • Where's God when I'm scared

    If God is real, then why do bad things happen?