Gavin Lawrie

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Gavin Lawrie is a retired Barrister and Solicitor from Tweed Heads NSW Australia and author of the book: 'THE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION: Uncovering The Faulty Science Of Dawkins' Attack On Creationism'. He is married to Jan with two adult children and they are grandparents.

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  • Snatched from the fire

    Upon receiving a surprise request from his previously unknown (to me) daughter Judy, I visited Alistair in the nursing home where he had apparently resided for some months. He was 94 years of age.

  • He just won’t read it

    My father used to say: ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. You can lead a fool to knowledge but you can’t make him think.’

  • Silent witness of the gizzard

    We now have some beautiful rosellas feeding in our backyard. They have them too.

  • Somewhere between…

    Before COVID 19 shut it down my wife and I attended a social dance at which American Country Music song ‘Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine’ (a love song - not Christian) was performed.

  • Over 97 years

    Helen passed the 97th anniversary of her birth and then changed her address.

  • Why did God allow this to happen to us?

    The Christmas card read: “In a moment…everything changed”. Down through the centuries worldwide this has been acknowledged by billions of Christians.

  • Pride drives it out

    My wife said: ‘you did a good job cleaning up the side’. A great uplifting compliment of recognition and appreciation.

  • Silent witness of fever

  • It’s better to make a decision…

    Sometimes clients sat opposite me wringing their hands in desperation not knowing what to do and might ask: ‘Gavin what do you think we should do?’

  • He fell asleep in…

    We were strolling through the war cemetery near the River Kwai in Thailand (of movie fame ‘Bridge Over the River Kwai’) close to the Myanmar (Burmese) border, reading the epitaphs on tombstones when I came across that of a twenty-six year old Aussie army sergeant. Its words jumped out at me and I called over my wife to read it too.