Gavin Lawrie

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Gavin Lawrie is a retired Barrister and Solicitor from Tweed Heads NSW Australia and author of the book: 'THE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION: Uncovering The Faulty Science Of Dawkins' Attack On Creationism'. He is married to Jan with two adult children and they are grandparents.

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  • He fell asleep in…

    We were strolling through the war cemetery near the River Kwai in Thailand (of movie fame ‘Bridge Over the River Kwai’) close to the Myanmar (Burmese) border, reading the epitaphs on tombstones when I came across that of a twenty-six year old Aussie army sergeant. Its words jumped out at me and I called over my wife to read it too.

  • Consider the other side

    I was a young lawyer struggling to ‘make it' in the world. Our first child was about 6 months old and my wife was determined our baby should be baptised.

  • Silent witness of the thumb

    A long-standing elderly client was operating his ride-on lawn mower and  accidentally clipped a concrete garden border which flipped the mower on its side with his foot caught underneath among the fast spinning blades.

  • Can’t see it? Won’t believe it.

    A common statement sometimes even made by a close relative. But whilst: We have a right to believe whatever we want, not everything we believe is right. Ravi Zacharias

  • Jesus’ Green Book

    A lie doesn’t become truth, a wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good just because it’s accepted by a majority: said Booker T Washington.

  • Two funerals

    There are only two ‘types’ of funeral. What? you say.

  • I’ve lived a pretty good life

    I haven’t lived a bad life. I mean not bad bad.

  • Then I saw him

    Last year we were on a group walking tour through a European city, only half paying attention to the guide’s overly enthusiastic detailed commentary about old uninteresting history.

  • Silent witness of instinct

    What is instinct and how did it ‘get into’ animals? Does it operate the same way worldwide in all animals of the same species?

  • Is Izzy a ‘fruitcake Christian’?

    A prominent Aussie newspaper recently reported that Oz was “in the grip of an unprecedented bushfire crisis affecting three states with four killed in recent weeks” with 468 (now over 1,000) houses destroyed. The misery and heartache continues.