Esther Koh

Press Service International

Esther Koh is a primary school teacher living in Wellington with her husband and two sons. She loves people and has a passion for helping others find their purpose for living.

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  • You are special, yes you are!

    In our teacher training education, we learn that for every negative we point out, there needs to be five positive praises or encouragements. People need to hear how special they are.People need to know their worth, in order to realise their full potential.

  • Stop, look and listen

    One of the catchphrase in my current classroom that has resonated with me this season has been ‘Stop, look and listen’.

  • It will certainly come

    Towards the middle of last year, we embarked on a journey to explore relocating to Christchurch. We bought a land and build down south and as the build began to develop and progress, we started looking into moving down as an option.

  • I stopped waiting

    With everything going at a superfastspeed, I realised I have stopped waiting. There is no such thing as waiting in the line. We try to avoid queues, opt for fast food which can be delivered immediately and seek instant gratification.

  • I threw away my memories

  • Fighting fire with fire

    “STOP SHOUTING!” Ironically, when my eldest boy, John, was trying to get his younger brother, Michael, to stop shouting, he ended up shouting at him.

  • How to end with a bang

    Recently, our class went for a Teddy Bear Picnic at a reserve near the school. Students arrived in the morning ...

  • Restless

    Tossing and turning; more tossing and turning; even more tossing and turning. It’s so common to feel restless and not ...

  • I don't have a choice

    "What can I do?" "There's nothing that I can do in this situation." "I don't have control over what's happening."

  • Déjà vu: Yes again

    Have we ever experienced something over and over? It might feel like we’ve been through this not too long ago and yet once again we find ourselves going down the same path.