Elise Pappas

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Elise Pappas is a Pastor and together with her husband pastor a church on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. They have a son, Jonathan and a daughter, Sophie. Elise is a former clinical drug trial research coordinator and business owner. She writes about life and ministry experiences.

  • Unfailing love

    An unfailing love is a love so freely given with no strings attached. A love we do not deserve, a love of purest form. A love that testifies with time, a love that redeems and transforms. This unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him (Psalm chapter 32, verse 10).

  • The waiting game

    I meet people all the time who are waiting… Waiting on something, waiting for that next job to come along, waiting for a promotion, waiting for a special someone, waiting for a baby.  But what I have learnt is at different seasons in our lives we are all waiting but not often do we wait well. 

  • Rest in His Armchair of Love

    Growing up in our family home we had two armchairs, each passed down from my Grandfathers. They were the kind of chairs that after a long day of school you would collapse into.

  • The unknown

    Not that long ago we celebrated our friend’s 40th birthday. We were expected home at a certain time, of course to relieve our baby-sitter from their baby-sitting duties. We had an hour and a half worth of travel and sadly we were just 22 minutes from arriving home when we were completely stopped on the highway. It became evident that an accident had occurred only moments ahead of us.

  • Remember

  • So, why repent?

    At the age of 21 I walked back into church, answered an altar call and rededicated my life to Christ. In a moment I felt peace and joy and that one decision changed the course of my life.

  • I have had enough

    These are four pretty powerful words and perhaps one of the greatest statements of faith we can have. ‘I have had enough’ or ‘I am not settling for this any longer’.

  • Family Matters

    David writes in Psalm Chapter 68, verse 6 — God sets the lonely in families.

  • What is being revealed?

    A person who has set out digging for gold doesn’t give up the first time they don’t find it. No, they keep digging because they know it’s there...somewhere. 

  • Look for the good

    One of my red long stem roses was coming into bloom. It had recently grown to a new height, and because we didn’t have any blinds in our living room we could watch it grow from our living room window.