Elise Pappas

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Elise Pappas is a Pastor and together with her husband pastor a church on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. They have a son, Jonathan and a daughter, Sophie. Elise is a former clinical drug trial research coordinator and business owner. She writes about life and ministry experiences.

  • Rest in His Armchair of Love

    Growing up in our family home we had two armchairs, each passed down from my Grandfathers. They were the kind of chairs that after a long day of school you would collapse into.

  • Truth Carriers

    With the endless supply of information, it is sometimes difficult to know what is true and what is untrue.

  • Power in Transition

    Everybody transitions in and out of seasons. Some seasons can involve multiple transitions in different areas of life.

  • Family matters  

    David writes in Psalm Chapter 68, verse 6 — God sets the lonely in families.

  • Finding God  

    Author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, tells of this story she heard many years ago—It is a story of three demons who were graduating from their course on how to deceive people in the world and prevent them from knowing God.

  • Thank God for Construction  

    For the better part of the last eight months our church has been a construction site. It has been undergoing major renovations all whilst continuing to be a church where we hold Sunday services and mid-week meetings.

  • A Beautiful Reminder

    In April of 2018 a lovely friend gifted me the sweetest pair of little girl booties. We were not pregnant yet, but she gave them to me in faith, following the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

  • It’s that time of year

    There are so many things to love about this time of year; the change in temperature and season, the particular flowers that bloom in these cooler months, the sunsets, the smell of the wood fire, the show! We also celebrate a few personal celebrations at this time of year too; our wedding anniversary falls at this time of year, our son’s birthday and our church’s expansion offering.

  • Foundational Truths

    When my husband and I were building our first home, it seemed to take a long time to get to the point where the slab was being poured.

  • Kaleidoscope of wisdom

    I recently overheard a conversation of someone saying that they had seen a specialist.  That part was normal, and totally fine, but what followed grieved me. This particular person went on to say that because of how much work this specialist did for the community their lifestyle didn’t reflect that of other specialists who worked in the same area.