David Jeremiah Roberts


David Jeremiah Roberts is a man of God, author and speaker for Jesus Christ. He has been in the Kingdom of God since 2006. He is called to be an end time prophet for Jesus Christ, and he is a gifted prophetic scribe. He has written many books including, ‘God Does Not Speak English’, ‘Eat Me and Live’ and ‘Getting Baptism Right’.

David is an ordained minister, an anointed and demonstrative teacher of the Word. He is passionate about learning, growing and walking in his purpose, and has a great desire to bring revelation knowledge to the body of Christ, to help the saints walk in their purpose. David loves listening to music, reading and watching football. His favourite club is Manchester United and he writes from the tropical island paradise, Jamaica.  

  • My Weird Story of How I Came to Jesus Christ….Part (1) Uno

    I will begin at the very beginning, age 5, in the bushes of St. Catherine, Jamaica. Someone or something spoke the words (Go After God) to me one day while I played in the bushes. I thought it was my uncle who was playing with me, but all my calling and searching proved futile.

  • The First Time I Looked at Porn ...and How God Delivered Me  -  Part 2

    So, you read Part One and wanted to know what happened next? Well, hold onto your seat because what happened next was crazy and terrifying. And it all happened in church one Sunday. Deliverance from sexual sin, I have come to learn, is a process that one must be vigilant about.

  • The first time I looked at porn... and how God delivered me (Part 1)

    I was 16 years old and attending high school in Jamaica. One day, while hanging out with other boys in the bushes at school, someone pulled out a sex book. I had never seen a book like that before. It was filled with naked men and women. I was stunned.

  • The first time I encountered a homosexual…and what God said to me

    It was in 2007 or 2008 that I first had an encounter with a homosexual male. Back in those days, there was a social meeting website called Hi-Five. Long before Facebook was the rave, this was the site where people went to hook up. I opened a profile and uploaded a few pictures of myself.

  • The first time I saw an angel

    He had an illegal gun on the right side and cocaine on the left side as he stood at the altar. At an altar? Yes, you read right. At the church altar. I led this brother with a gun and cocaine on him to Christ at an altar.

  • The first time I fought a demon

    It was the year 2006 that I finally turned my life over to Jesus Christ. I walked to the altar. No. I was dragged to the altar by a lady. It felt weird. I really wasn’t planning on going to any altar at all that year.