David Goodwin

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David Goodwin is the former Editor of The Salvation Army’s magazine,War Cry. He is also a cricket tragic, and an unapologetic geek.

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  • What if...?

  • What Price Freedom

  • Loyal Opposition

    I try and avoid writing partisan posts about politics, where I take a particular side or align with a specific party. There are a few reasons for this, including my deeply held belief that the Church—and Christians—should not tie itself to any worldly political party because it must be free to follow its conscience and speak for God’s interests even when they go against that of the party.

  • We sing this song to you!!!

    Wow. Just wow. So, this is what it feels like when your team win a Premiership? No wonder people get so carried away! For the three people in Australia who aren’t sure what I am referring to, the Melbourne Demons have just broken a 57-year drought and one the 20212 AFl Premiership—and now a whole generation of Dees supporters just don’t know what to do with themselves.

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue...and Red

    As if it weren’t bad enough to be in Lockdown Version...6.2? I don't know, I’ve lost track...we have just got the news that for the second year in a row, the AFL Grand Final will not be held on the hallowed turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but will instead, unlike those poor sparrows, fly across the Nullarbor and be played out before the so-far COVID free eyes of Westralians.

  • Uncertainty is the Mind Killer

    Whether they’ve read it or not (I am ashamed to admit I haven’t yet—but will!), if you are a science fiction fan you almost certainly heard of Dune.

  • Trimming the fat

    So, it seems that the Tokyo Olympics are set to go ahead. Despite the Japanese overwhelming suspicion that the organisers are simply not up to the job. And, the fears of many athletes about the risk of infection presented by the travel required.

  • It’s nothing personal

    With Sydney already in the midst of a strict lockdown down, and all of Victoria embarking on yet another one as I write this, it is hard not to take the coronavirus a bit personally—especially as it has ruined the plans I had for my birthday!

  • Highway to the Comfort Zone

    Working night shift can be a lonely business at the best of time, especially when we haven’t been in to the office for over a year.

  • Glittering Images

    Susan Howatch's book Glittering Images tells the story of an up and coming young priest who is destined for big things in the Church of England.