Daniel Thomas

Press Services International

Dr. Daniel Thomas is a medical doctor and Christian Advocate who loves the Lord deeply. He is married to Grace-ann Thomas the love of his life and currently leads a youth organization called the Love March Movement; which is committed to empowering the youth to fight for sexual purity and the family in Jamaica. 

  • “Corona is a wake-up call!”

    The coronavirus has unleashed fear, panic and raw havoc on the world. Governments, businesses and the church globally has had to shift, and in some cases dramatically so.

  • Six keys to spirit filled advocacy

    Evil is rising, it's shamelessly potent and obviously advancing. It's swallowing people, systems and nations whole.

  • A prophecy rooted Christmas

    One of the most radically awesome events in the history of mankind is celebrated this exciting season. The mind blowing embodiment of transcendence, the divine, holy and spotless God of the Universe, literally enters the world as an unborn baby.

  • Has the world gone mad?

    With the onslaught of transgender totalitarianism on a global scale, I have decided to give a report of the most important and recent events concerning the most illogical and unscientific agenda of the century.

  • Spiritual schizophrenia – Spirituo-ideological insanity

    For years, considerations of a spiritual disease have percolated my mind. There is a disease so widespread, covert and mentality dominating that you may be reading these words right now, and not even know that you have Spiritual Schizophrenia.

  • Why we need to kiss ourselves goodbye

    "All I need is you, all I need is you Lord". This was a favourite worship song of mine a few years ago

  • Developing the heart of the Father

    As each year passes, it seems I recognize more and more, and with ever-increasing gratitude, how much my father has poured into me. Under the guidance of the Eternal Father, my father set out as a master builder to set me up (and my brother as well) for success in every area of life.

  • Falou Israel’s example!

    The LGBT Agenda and Christianity have long been on a collision course. Last month Israel Falou, Australian rugby super star demonstrated just that. Falou, a devout Christian posted an image on Instagram, a paraphrasing of a potent and powerful scripture (1stCorinthians 6:19) which highlights that several groups of people will be going to hell if they do not repent. "Warning: drunks, homosexuals, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolaters. Hell awaits you. Repent! Only Jesus Saves".

  • Fighting abortion unmasked

    Just when we thought we had reached the very depths of inhumanity with New York’s Abortion Bill allowing abortion up to the moment of birth; western modern civilization has reached a newall-time low: the killing of new-born babies.

  • Uncovering pro-abortion lies

    It’s all out war on the unborn. On January 22nd, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act, deliberately engineered to coincide with the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Under the new abortion law, a foetus can be killed at any point up to birth.