Crystelda Naidoo

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Hailing from South Africa, Crystelda is an avid nerd and an unapologetic dreamer. With a BSc. Biological Sciences and BCom Hons in marketing, she has launched the Christian lifestyle blog - Selah Blogger and is the joint winner of the 2019 International Theology Award. The blog can be found at   and her previous articles may be viewed at

  • She was strong

    Take a moment to think of the women in your life. What defines their past, present, futures and the legacies they will leave behind?

  • What to do with a blank canvas?

    After a restless night’s sleep, your alarm rings on a snowy morning and you drag yourself out of bed feeling the weight of a deadline on your shoulders. Steaming mug of coffee in hand, you hesitantly make your way to the designated workspace.

  • A microwave generation

    What does being a part of the microwave generation mean to you? The commonly accepted explanation is that we’re living in an era obsessed with instant results; from heating up microwave meals, to text messaging applications and social media platforms.

  • This isn’t working…

    If I’m being honest, this isn’t working”. At some point in your life, I’m sure that you’ve heard, or even said, these very words. The context implies to a malfunction of some sort; whether in a physical or technological piece of equipment, the sustainability of our planet, a relational conflict, or behavioural patterns, the list is endless.

  • What’s in your bag?

    As someone who hates being unprepared and likes knowing and planning for every outcome before I have even made a choice, I find myself being asked the “what’s in your bag?” and “why is your bag this heavy?” type questions almost every day.

  • Just get over it!

    “It’s all in your head, just get over it!” I shuddered at the mere thought of typing that statement, but it is, of course, a sentiment that you may have heard, or said. Whether the speaker’s intent is innocent or malicious often has little to do with the fact that the ‘it’ leaves you feeling heavier than before.

  • To infinity and beyond…

    As a 29-year-old female living through challenging times, I’d like to think that my infinitely expanding list of goals and bucket list accomplishments is highly within my capacity to reach.

  • Breathe Jesus

    While running out the door and leaving 2020 behind me, I chose to opt for a different approach to my usually (unaccomplished) goals for the year – a theme for the year.

  • Drink more coffee. Get more done.

    Productivity and the hustle are at an all-time high in society. Whether you’re trying to find your purpose, keeping busy at home or pushing through work, we’re often told to grab a cup of coffee and get more work done.

  • Hope changes you

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Growing up, we focused on activities that became traditions leading up to, and for the duration of, the festive period.