Crystelda Naidoo

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Hailing from South Africa, Crystelda is an avid nerd and an unapologetic dreamer. With a BSc. Biological Sciences and BCom Hons in marketing, she has launched the Christian lifestyle blog - Selah Blogger and is the joint winner of the 2019 International Theology Award. The blog can be found at   and her previous articles may be viewed at

  • Life in lockdown

    On the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic, South African leadership took the decision to enter into a lockdown period at 00:00 on the 26 March 2020.

  • I have a confession!

    Raise your hand if 2020 has already been a rough year! If that’s you, then you’re not alone. I stand firmly planted and eagerly awaiting the Christmas holiday again, because this year has been way too long.

  • The waiting room

    I’ve always been unsettled by hospitals. As a biological science student and an avid watcher of House MD, hospitals leave me unsettled to say the least

  • Bah humbug!

    Bah humbug! I know many people that fall into this category of humans.

  • When you least expect it

    Have you ever prayed about something with so much fervency that it started to feel less like prayer and more like harassment? I’m sure it’s not just me who spent months, I dare say years, praying and asking God for direction, purpose or answers to prayers and promises. Around a year ago, I wrote about waiting. Waiting on God for His answers in His timing is difficult because we’re human. We live in a time that wants things quicker than a microwave can turn out.

  • I’m just not that interesting

    I’m just not that interesting. I’ve never really thought of myself as being particularly interesting or special. Yes, I’ve managed to get by with VERY little effort on my part and I’ve been blessed to have a supportive family and friends around me to give me a nudge when I’ve needed it. In retrospect though, I’m probably just not that interesting.

  • Can we just talk?

    Have you ever felt like the world is constantly screaming at you?

  • God context

    “This is the worst possible thing that could have happened. There’s no logical explanation for why this could have happened to me, why God would have allowed this. I’m lost and it’s unforgivable.” Sounds familiar, right? Often times we hit walls, and face moments in life that leave us lost and without the ability to process them.

  • When I was young

    When I was young, I had the wildest career ideas. Life was an adventure waiting for us to pick up the map. I dreamed of being a caped crusader or teaming up with Indiana Jones. I was resolute in my faith in God’s ability to perform the impossible, even if that meant He had to save me from dinosaurs. We’re unhindered in our beliefs when we’re young.

  • Hustle!

    Hustle harder. Keep pushing for success. Strive for perfection. It’s all about the hustle. Hustle now, rest later. If you aren’t hustling, are you even trying? If this sounds familiar to you, you’re probably highly in tune with popular culture and its effect on society at present. The urban dictionary defines the hustle as a fast way of making money or working hard towards the common goal of generating an income.