Ben Campbell

Press Service International

Ben Campbell is the CEO Africa Enterprise and Laura Bennett is a contributor for African Enterprise and radio host at Hope 103.2 based in Sydney.

  • Of potions and spells

    Understanding the influence of traditional healers in Africa

  • Hear my cry

    A quick turn of the knob and the pot starts heating up. A few seconds of luxury, completely taken for granted. Somewhere in Ethiopia a mother is also heating up a pot for her family with fire created from wood, leaves, animal dung and crop residues.

  • Bursting with Joy

    The Meru North Hope Mission 2020, organised by African Enterprise Kenya in partnership with Meru North Churches started off on Saturday, 17th October 2020.

  • The future of our faith

    Reflections on Christianity’s growth in Africa

  • Africa Enterprise Ministry Update and Prayer Points

    We look back at May, June and July with awe and wonder as God has enabled African Enterprise to do so much in our communities.

  • Footprints that never fade

    Celebrating Michael Cassidy, and AE’s legacy, on his 84th birthday.

  • Favourable or not

    Our teams have refused to give up on the Great Commission, despite incredibly challenging circumstances in Africa.

  • For such a time as this

    For the next three years, AE Malawi is focusing its mission efforts on the city of Zomba, culminating in a city-wide outreach in 2022. With the theme, “Honest Leadership – a key to National Development”

  • Marvelling at Mandela

    ‘…Marvelling at Mandela, and the spirit and humility of the man…’ – Michael Cassidy reflects on one of his meetings with South Africa’s first democratic president.

  • “Let your dreams keep hope alive”. A tribute to Africa’s youth.

    Africa has the youngest population in the world – its average age is just 19 years.