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Andrew Hill is a true-blue Kiwi, born and reared in Aotearoa New Zealand. He has lived between Auckland, Dunedin and Hamilton, chasing his passion: Knowing God. Andrew has studied theology through various institutions, served as a Youth Pastor and as an Associated Pastor at a couple of Baptist Churches, and currently spends time with people with disabilities as a Community Support Worker through Spectrum Care. Andrew has just finished writing his first novel which he intends to publish shortly, and for fun, live streams on @theophilus_nz.

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  • Covid-19, Anxiety, and the Slain Lamb

    The genre of The Book of Revelation is ancient apocalyptic literature. Which consists of strings and strings of metaphors all tied together to form one large telling of how things actually are.

  • Deficient Evangelism

    God loves us. We humans commit evil. As a result of committing evil, we are going to hell when we die. We go to hell because that’s what we deserve for doing wrong.

  • I Introduce: The God of Evolution

    Oftentimes people have been led to believe that faith is in opposition to science, that belief is different to fact, that creation is incompatible with evolution. That if one wants to be a good, faithful Christian, one must reject intelligent reason.

  • ‘Greed’ Sneakily Vanished from our Vocabulary

    Avarice, I think, is a difficult conversation because we like to be private about our gains. At least, verbally.

  • Kierkegaard’s King

    Soren Kierkegaard – a Danish philosopher-poet from the 1800s. He once told a tale of his true Sovereign:

  • Is God God? Where’d He Go?

    Often I wonder why God won’t overtly appear to people. Can’t The King of Physics just transfigure himself out of clear air, strike stunning eye contact with unbelievers, and beyond spoken words manifest his glory to them as the very Word?

  • The Church Created the Treaty, but Will the Church Care for it?

    The world had opened up. Along with Europe, Britain stretched across the globe, colonising old lands, settling new nations.

  • Prophecy and Property

    “Woe to you who add house to house and join field to field till no space is left and you live alone in the land.” (Isaiah chapter 5, verse 8).

  • Some of you may die, but…

    Some of you may die, but…