Alexander Gillespie

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Alexander Gillespie is an Arts Honours graduate of the University of Sydney. Particular fields of interest include Nineteenth-Century migration history, conceptual philosophy, social policy and ecclesiology. He currently lives in Sydney with his wife and enjoys researching and writing.

  • Why does prayer devolve into teaching?

    Public prayer should never be primarily about teaching. While a well written prayer will remind people of the nature of God and may reveal more of that to the people praying, this is not its main function.

  • Social engineering—are our values being designed by the state?

    German life under Nazi rule is a vivid example of social engineering.

  • Are Older Adults Engaged in Your Community?

    I get the impression that many older adults want to be more involved in community life but find that there isn’t enough opportunity. Why are we so bad at including older adults, and what are we missing out on?

  • Opportunity Does Not Constitute Calling

    Christians seek to glorify God in their lives, doing good deeds so that people will see God’s greatness. We know God has a plan for our lives, but we don’t usually know what that plan is.

  • Identity, Class and the Church

    For many of us our socio-economic class is one of the key points of our identity. The values are often derived at least partially from it and often look to be secure based in it. Our identity shapes our actions as a whole as well as the situations and people that feel comfortable to us. However, this can be problematic for the church and for Christians.

  • Volunteering as Discipleship

    Significant amounts of Church-based activities are run by volunteers. I myself have been a volunteer in many capacities in my own church and with several organisations that share Christian aims.

  • Selecting the Right Leaders for the Church: Are we looking deep enough?

    The Church has leaders, whether formal or informal, who need to act wisely for the good of all. This article is borne out of concern that we might appoint the wrong leaders for the future.

  • How do you read the Bible?: Deep Dive, Holistic, why not both?

    Reading the Bible is a staple in Christianity. Christians such as myself view Scripture as nourishing for the Christian life and authoritative in teaching us to live rightly.

  • How to make choices, in a Christian way

    We all have choices to make. Some that will decide the next hour, others that will effect our lives many years to come.

  • Visiting a Church - Managing the Critical Eye

    Visiting another church can be a very strange experience and we can easily become critical of what others do.