Alexander Gillespie

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Alexander Gillespie is an Arts Honours graduate of the University of Sydney. Particular fields of interest include Nineteenth-Century migration history, conceptual philosophy, social policy and ecclesiology. He currently lives in Sydney with his wife and enjoys researching and writing.

  • How to make choices, in a Christian way

    We all have choices to make. Some that will decide the next hour, others that will effect our lives many years to come.

  • Visiting a Church - Managing the Critical Eye

    Visiting another church can be a very strange experience and we can easily become critical of what others do.

  • Is God pleased by ‘grand churches’?

    Visiting part of Europe recently brought the opportunity to see some amazingly beautiful churches and monasteries. Some of the buildings were probably more ornate than any other structure I have seen. Gold, lapis lazuli, marble, jade, coral, gilded cedar, silver, garnet – all of these could be seen even in the one church. Yet at the same time, there were beggars waiting out the front, hoping for the generosity of visitors.

  • Perfecting Work and Rest

    Rest is what we often long for, but I think I hear less about rest than work. One of the great hopes of the Christian is that we will be able to rest because we will live with God forever in the new creation.

  • Our animals and the after life

    When I was younger, I frequently wondered what happened to animals when they died. Did they face judgement, divided into the good animals and the bad? Did they go to heaven in the same way that people do whom God has set apart by his grace?

  • Being Ready for Life-Long Marriage

    This article comes from a portion of the advice I was given before I got married.

  • Australian Security in Overdrive? – Can we Keep a Balance?

    In March this year I listened to the then Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Director-General Mike Burgess’ speech to the Lowy Institute.

  • The dead  -  respect and reverence

    I had the pleasure of walking in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, wherein, amongst the magnificent scenery I happened upon an antechinus.

  • Separating Generations in the Church - Unwise

    Having church services which distinctly cater for the needs of particular age groups is quite common in Australia. However, I suspect that this is actually doing more harm than good. Many churches have a system of having several services and distinguishing each with a particular demographic.

  • China’s Social Credit System Will Impact on Religious Freedoms

    China has already partially rolled out the Social Credit System, which is set to be fully implemented by 2020. The program involves an extensive surveillance network to monitor citizens and process what is observed into a social credit rating for individuals, households and businesses.