Victor Brown

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Victor Brown is a Christian Creative and singer-songwriter from Kingston Jamaica. He enjoys reading and writing as well as creating music. He is currently a law student at the Norman Manley Law School.

  • God sees us

    In Genesis Chapters 16 and 21 we see a very remarkable story of Hagar and her son Ishmael. In a lot of ways, many of us can relate to the characters of the Biblical account. Their experiences, fears, emotional tensions and conflicts are no far cry from the events unfolding before our eyes and in our lives in 2020.

  • Voices

    Listen closely…Do you hear that? That voice…Whose is it?

  • The butterfly effect, will 2021 be your cocoon year?

    I always marvel at how intentional God is about hiding those he values most. Moses spent 40 years on the backside of the wilderness tending sheep.

  • Anchored balloons

    I think many, if not all of us can relate to Israel’s defeat to Ai. As the story goes according to Joshua chapter 6 verses 1-27, Israel was commanded by the Lord to tackle a major opponent, Jericho.

  • Illegal legalism

    Uniformity is not unity

  • Wounds speak before they heal

    We can all remember an occasion, an incident, an altercation, some painful experience that hurt us. The pain inflicted may have been emotional or physical, and we can still remember the feeling if we think hard enough.

  • Restoration of the robe

    Genesis chapter 41 details a very intriguing and inspiring account of Joseph's ascendancy to prince of Egypt. The story begins rather poignantly however, with a series of very unfortunate events.