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Vic Matthews, has three degrees B.Optom, B.Arts & B. Christian Studies. Is available as a Guest Speaker for your next Church conference or camp. He is a fledgling author, and copywriter.

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  • Put on your tin hat …. let them eat lentils

    Good morning fellow slaves! It’s time to rise. There’s a lot to do today. As there was yesterday and the day before for that.

  • The oppression and exaltation of women

    The temperature was 0oC, the floor earthen, and there in a dark recess of the brick hut, stood a middle-aged woman shivering in the freezing cold conditions.

  • Freedom doesn’thave variants

    Over 50,000 Australians, from every corner of our great country, from all walks of life, from varied ethnicities met in Canberra last Saturday 5 Feb,(although, if the MSM is your source of news, you’d never know), to voice their opposition to vaccine mandates, and to ask for their jobs back.

  • Born free...seriously?

  • I can’t tolerate…intolerance

    Have you ever wondered why, in a society, which lauds tolerance, that there is so little of it? Cast your memory back to Israel Folau, to Bernard Gaynor, and now Lyle Shelton, each of them, along with a cohort of many others being hounded through our law courts for expressing a view, which is contrary to the all-pervasive Leftist narrative.

  • Another day…another dictator

  • Six days you shall labour …….provided you’re vaxxed

  • No jab, no job…oops…no church

    Should the unvaccinated be banned from church services? Gladys (aka NSW premier) thinks so. Not content with forcing hard working Aussies out of work and into penury, she and her team of unelected health officials are taking the game to the next level.

  • Here’s why you don’t pray!

    Can I ask you a question? And let’s be honest with each other. There’s no one else in the room looking over your shoulder right now. It’s just you, me and your device. So, I can ask you, How often do you pray?

  • Is orthodoxy slowly killing us?

    Did you know that Church attendance in the Western world has been in slow decline for decades? (Well that mostly applies to traditional denominations, the Pentecostal denominations are growing a little.)