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Vic Matthews, has three degrees B.Optom, B.Arts & B. Christian Studies. Is available as a Guest Speaker for your next Church conference or camp. He is a fledgling author, and copywriter.

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  • Cardboard cutouts...won’t save us

    Ever wonder why our country continues its unabated slide, into the abyss? Fuel and food prices, rent and mortgage repayments all on the increase.

  • Did this happen in China or Canberra?

    Those watching the removal of a large blue crucifix from the front of Calvary Hospital, on a forlorn Sunday, winter’s morning (2nd July 23) could be forgiven for thinking, they were in Communist China when the CCP began its pogrom of oppression targeting Christian iconography on churches throughout China way back in 2014.

  • Oh no! The sky is falling in

    Throughout the centuries prophets of doom have abounded, and ours is no exception. For instance, in the last century (yes, I’m that old) we had the Oil Crisis of the 1960s. At that time civilisation was doomed to return to the stone age as we ran out of oil, strange it never happened.

  • ‘Silver & Gold have I None’, but Inflation We’ve Plenty

    Embolden by the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Peter with not a penny in his pocket commanded the lame beggar to stand and walk. And he did. Praise God for the miracle.

  • Every vote counts … even yours

    Zero is an abysmal performance, I think you’d agree. However, when 100% could’ve been achieved with a little effort and yet we get Zero, it is worse than disappointing, it’s distressing.

  • I am...(not?) ashamed of the Gospel

    How many times have you been (and let’s be honest, no one’s watching as you read this, it’s between you and God) in some way ashamed to be connected with Jesus or God’s values? You know, when it’s just easier to go along with conversation or remain silent about a crucial God-matter, like abortion or same sex marriage or some other popular anti-God idea. It’s so much easier not to affirm the truth, than to affirm it.

  • Follow the money...into the abyss

    We all know the saying ‘put your money, where your mouth is’, which means if you’re really serious about doing something or changing something, then you’ll fund it, with your own money. Or another way of looking at it is, what you spend your money on declares your intentions.

  • Decay, decadence and the death of civilization

    In case you’re feeling happy about life, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article to pour misery on your delusion.

  • Is there a doctor in the house?

    Well, we sure need one when there’s a medical emergency. And the reason we hasten to call one is because we know that they are bound by an oath to save our lives and restore our health (& not hasten our demise). 

  • “I am Cattle, a Coward, I seek only warmth and to eat my fill”

    In his novel Gulag Archipelago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn sends us a chilling warning on why nations, even those with strong democracies like our own, slide into Totalitarianism. It starts with individual citizens. It starts with you and I dear reader.