Tom Anderson

Press Service International

Tom likes Indian spices, French cars, British drama and Japanese gardens. He goes running nearly everyday, but early in the morning so that he doesn't miss time with his wife and two young kids. In his spare time, Tom is a Special Needs and Technology teacher.

  • Stop! You’re doing something you didn’t choose

    What’s your way of life?

  • The cracks. Begin. To show.

    It’s crunch time. There’s no more excuses. Nothing more to fall back on. All that I thought I could be has got to show through- now. Or never.

  • How to prepare for the church’s stormy future

    My kids were playing with cardboard boxes and pretending they were boats. I wasn’t really paying attention, but afterwards, I saw that my six-year-old had written an intriguing statement on the side of one of the boxes.

  • An angel appeared at my door last night

    Have you ever suspected that a seemingly ordinary event in your life has greater significance?

  • The early morning reflections of a trail runner: alone in the dark

    I’m in the middle of a challenge.

  • Why you might need to mess up your life

    Sometimes you’ve got to make a mess to improve the situation.

  • Understanding Jonah

    Jonah stands out amongst the minor prophetic books.

  • Embracing discomfort

    When I experience pain, my first thought is: make it stop! I would say I enjoy running, however, there comes a point towards the end of a run, when my body is going through a considerable amount of discomfort, and all I can think of is stopping. I’m doing something I enjoy, yet I’m counting down to when I get to finish.

  • Finding a loving God in the violent parts of the Old Testament

    There is no denying that there are some unsettling passages in the Old Testament. I remember the first time I read Psalm chapter 137, verse 9, where the psalmist calls the one who dashes the babies of Babylon against the rocks blessed.

  • Marks on the heart

    The human heart has a great capacity for love. But it can only really love one thing supremely. I have had a few different loves of this type over the course of my life, and once something or someone has a hold on you like that, it’s not easy to let it go. Even if it’s ripped away without your choice, you will still try and hang on.