Tim Newman

Press Service International

Tim Newman lives in Nelson, New Zealand. He holds an MA in History from Canterbury University in Christchurch. Tim is an award winning Christian Today writer and is a career journalist. Tim has given permission for his award winning history articles to be republished.

Tim Newman's previous articles may be viewed at http://www.pressserviceinternational.org/tim-newman.html

  • Why Theology matters

  • The struggle against reality

  • What do you stand for?

    The debate over New Zealand\'s flag has been heating up recently, as over the course of the next year, a two-stage referendum will be implemented to decide whether we keep our old flag, or choose a new one from a set range of designs submitted by the public.

  • Christian State?

    On the eve of Christmas, Christians from all around the world will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which took place in a small town in what is now modern day Palestine.

  • Which Jesus do you believe in?

    In our world today, people seem to present a lot of different versions of Jesus.

  • The refugee crisis dilemma

    The refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria may turn out to be one of the defining crises of our generation.

  • The vanishing history of the Middle East

    History is a powerful tool. On the one hand, it informs and educates us. Through it we can come to know the story of human civilisation, its heroes and villains, its triumphs and tragedies.

  • Lest We Forget

    On April 25 1915, 16,000 Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops established a beachhead in a small cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula, at the Western edge of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

  • What about the Crusades

    Some years ago at a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, US President Barack Obama reignited a thousand year old debate with his comments about the Crusades.

  • What about the Spanish Inquisition?

    The last twelve months, has in many ways been defined by the rising tide of \'religious\' violence across the globe, and in particular the violence perpetrated by those who claim Islam as their religion.