Tim Newman

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Tim Newman lives in Nelson, New Zealand. He holds an MA in History from Canterbury University in Christchurch. Tim is an award winning Christian Today writer and is a career journalist. Tim has given permission for his award winning history articles to be republished.

Tim Newman's previous articles may be viewed at http://www.pressserviceinternational.org/tim-newman.html

  • Why do they do it ?

  • Christianity and the Walking Dead

    Over the last few years, one of the TV shows that I have followed on a regular basis has been AMC's The Walking Dead.

  • Love and tolerance

    Earlier this month, a sadly familiar scene played itself out in front of the eyes of a disbelieving world. A man, ...

  • Turning on the lights

    Like most kids growing up, at times I remember being pretty scared of the dark. It's a fear which everyone can relate to—that feeling of helplessness where you know you're unable to fully comprehend and interact with your surroundings.

  • Why Theology matters

  • The struggle against reality

  • What do you stand for?

    The debate over New Zealand\'s flag has been heating up recently, as over the course of the next year, a two-stage referendum will be implemented to decide whether we keep our old flag, or choose a new one from a set range of designs submitted by the public.

  • Christian State?

    On the eve of Christmas, Christians from all around the world will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which took place in a small town in what is now modern day Palestine.

  • Which Jesus do you believe in?

    In our world today, people seem to present a lot of different versions of Jesus.

  • The refugee crisis dilemma

    The refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria may turn out to be one of the defining crises of our generation.