Tim Everton

Press Service International

Tim Everton is from South Australia, is a youth worker by trade and runs his own small business making miniature things. In his off-time he enjoys making more miniature things, playing board games hanging out at the beach and seeking out the next best cafe latte.

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  • Every tear drop is a waterfall: music's link with the eternal

    I love Coldplay for many reasons. Something about their music resonates deeply with me. I have often said they are the secular version of the band 'Jars of Clay' for this generation.

  • "Can I have the cheesecake?"

    "Which one would you like?" asked the gentle man, as I looked hesitantly through the glass window in the bakery, glancing over the wonderful array of assorted cakes and pastries before me.

  • A Premise on Evil

  • An old saying - Get a grip

    Well trod single sentence messages!

  • Fairy tales

    Fairy tales, they have been with humanity for as long as we have been here. Mostly read to children but strangely written by adults, these stories have been a source of wonder and comfort to people the world over.

  • The lost boy and the unknown journey to manhood

    Who was it that called you ‘our’ when you were a boy? Who was it that held you steady as you pedalled your first bike? That told you that he was proud of you before perhaps you even knew what the word fully meant?

  • Hope – The Golden Thread of Life

    Hope. It is simply one of the most amazing words there is. It flies into the capricious face of loss, pain and tragedy and says, \"This is not the end.\"

  • Your Suffering Changes The World.

    Human suffering – what can we say about this subject? Much more than I could ever do it justice in a single article or two.

  • Let your dreams flow downstream

    God is the giver of dreams, he is the sole source and giver of hope in our lives and he gives us both of these things in order to fulfill his purposes in our lives and in the earth.

  • Born with a sense of entitlement

    No one sits us down at the beginning of our lives and tells us how many years of this strange thing called \'life\' we are going to get. But somehow and from somewhere, we have a preconceived notion that we automatically have been given an allocated amount of years and comforts, such as money, friends, a house even the creature comforts... like it\'s our \'right.\'