Russell Modlin

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Russell Modlin teaches English and Physical Education at a Christian School on the Sunshine Coast. He is married to Belinda and they have three children.

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  • Giving young writers a voice

    Willing to tackle and wrestle with life from a Christian worldview?

  • Snitches get stitches   

    As a teacher, I hate hearing this phrase.  I also have not enjoyed the 34 stitches my body has endured this year…another story for another time perhaps.

  • Acting Christian rather than white

    Australia’s modern history has a past filled with struggle, sweat, heartbreak and tears.

  • Hey kid, put your hands down

    It is one of the most iconic sports photos ever taken.The photograph, taken by veteran NBA photographer Fernando ...

  • Times like these we learn to live, give and love again

    There are times in your life when a song comes along and just gives you goose bumps and makes your eyes water- I think they’re called tears.

  • Leg Wars

    Many readers of my articles and friends know the journey my family has taken over the last twenty months or so.

  • Closing the gap must become government priority

    Last night I sat down and watched the opening to the NRL Indigenous All Stars v Maori All Stars. Take 7 ½ minutes out of your day and watch the spine tingling opening to the match.

  • A tribute to Ian “Watto” Watson

  • Goodbye Class of 2019

    I realise many of my ex-students may remember some of these phrases from the past, but this year’s group particularly have been special to me. I have taught many of them since grade 7; the majority I have been with every year since grade 9- an absolute honour and privilege.

  • Movember 2019

    It started as a vice-like grip across my chest.  A bit of tingling in the fingers.