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Rume Kpadamrophe is an evangelist, writer, teacher and researcher based in Lagos, Nigeria. Rume speaks French and English and loves to travel. His desire is to see revival ignited and sustained in the nations of the world. Rume’s email address is

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  • Release the eagles

    The prophetic ministry has been a subject of controversy for centuries. Some denominations have dismissed the prophetic ministry as demonic while some have accepted it, albeit with much caution.

  • When the many are one

    John 17 is probably the chapter of the Bible that contains the deepest desires of Christ’s heart as it was the prayer he prayed before his betrayal. Jesus prayed passionately that the church would be as one.

  • When God came down - The Hebrides revival

    Church history is filled with spectacular moments when God seemed to come down and shake territories with his presence. These moments have stood as an eternal testimony that God is indeed longing to dwell among his people.

  • Before I formed thee

  • When the heathens rage

    The German Philosopher, Friedrich Hegel once said, “the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” From the Old Testament, we understand that when a nation forsakes God and his ways, judgement is imminent.

  • Watchmen at the gate

    The prophetic ministry of the watchman is a very critical ministry in this hour in which we live.

  • The Blood of the Martyrs- seed for the harvest

    Tertullian, one of the early Church fathers of the second century coined the term, “the blood of the martyrs is seed for the church.” No doubt, anytime the church has faced persecution, she has always increased. The early Church was greatly persecuted yet there was an incredible harvest of souls. There seems to be a connection between martyrdom and the harvest. God had to sow his only son to reap the world.

  • Heaven Now

    Heaven is the dream of every believer. We all dream of a place of perfect peace and joy. Jesus came to show us that this dream is not a far away reality but can be experienced here and now.

  • Embracing Mystery

    As Christians, we have been called to live the most adventurous life possible to man. We are new creatures with access to beings beyond our 3 dimensions. God ordained the Christian life to be an exciting adventure.

  • The Everyday Missionary

    It’s been over 2000 years since Jesus gave us the commission of going into “all the world” with the Gospel. Over the past centuries, we have seen many herosof faith take up this responsibility with a burning desire to see souls saved. The need for modern day missionaries cannot be overemphasised. As gross darkness captures the heart of men, we must become that light that will never stay under a bushel.