Rose-Ann Durant

Press Services International

Rose-Ann Durant is a young Christian from Kingston, Jamaica, who is currently living in the island of Barbados. She is an ardent reader who enjoys going to the beach, river and spending time outdoors.        

  • Ride out your storm

    “When the storms of life rage, He is God. When there is a downpour of blessings, He is God, and when battles are won, He is still God. No season can ever change who He is.” (Gugu Mona)

  • Seasoned conversations

    “What a difference.” Some thought to themselves, “Is he ok?” Others questioned and yet still others accused “He’s on drugs!” Many attacked his character and others made fun of his appearance.

  • Embracing changes

    I once heard someone say,“Change is a great and terrible thing and people love it and hate at the same time. Without change however, you just don’t move.” (Marc Jacobs).