Richard Kwon

Press Service International

Richard Kwon is from Auckland, a regular lay person who just loves the Lord.

  • Calvinists have no heart, Arminians have no brain

  • Wasted Sunday services

    The Covid-19 crisis put many of us in difficult situations when it comes to Sunday worship. Those of us who are in a lock-down have no choice but only to watch either a pre-recorded clip or a livestream of the Sunday services.

  • How do you read your bible?

    Reading your bible is the ABCs of a basic Christian life. Bible and scripture are essentially like breathing for a Christian, without it we will weaken and suffer a spiritual suffocation.

  • I am not so hospitable

    The word “hospitable” is defined as: receiving or treating guests or strangers warmly and generously; characterized by or betokening warmth and generosity toward guests or strangers.

  • Wear your spiritual face mask

    There has been one definite benefit I have gained from all the enforced mask wearing – I haven’t caught even a single mild case of cold since wearing these awful and dreadful face masks since last year.

  • Giving – not only for those gifted

    I certainly am not well-off. I am currently a full-time student, barely having to pay off my tuition fees and my living cost. Yet, gratefully, the Lord has provided me with a part time position where I am able to make just enough money to live through week by week.

  • Essential ingredient for a Missional Church

  • I’m not interested in other people’s salvation

    It’s been a while since I have been a Christian now. I first met the Lord in my uni days, and ever since I have not departed from the faith. Though at a snail’s pace, I have definitely grown much since my spiritual birth: in wisdom, in Christ-like character, in doctrinal knowledge etc.

  • You need a car? Only if it will glorify thee.

  • When consumerism meets Christianity

    Don’t you just hate it when you receive bad service? Whether it was at a restaurant or a retail store, when the staff whom you interact with is either disrespectful or being dreadful, it really diminishes your shopping experience and it might even ruin your day!