Rebecca Hoverd

Press Service International

Rebecca Hoverd studies law and geography at The University of Auckland and loves writing as a way to communicate with God and to unpack her thoughts. She loves coffee, conversations, and would love to hear your feedback at

  • I surrender…do I?

    Some people say that money makes the world go around. Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that communication makes the world go around.

  • How do you fill your cup?

    Emptying and filling up.

  • The Rebecca Hoverd Story

    I’m Rebecca Hoverd and I have had the absolute privilege of growing up on Auckland’s North Shore for all my 23 years of life.

  • Am I doing it right?

    In the age of social media and hyper-connectedness, we can chose to share any aspect of our lives to an infinite audience.

  • I have a choice and so do you

    Labels can be really helpful. Like when you are making a coffee and want to put sugar, not salt, in.   Labels and prescriptions have genuine uses. But sometimes labels can be limiting and can trap us in their confines.

  • Lessons from a season of change

    Reflecting on the lessons I have learnt from this ongoing season of change needs little introduction. I want to acknowledge the privileged position I have in seeing this time as one for reflection and growth.

  • On hope—it’s everywhere

    You might say that now is a better time than any to pursue hope, to find hope, to desperately reach your hand out and grab hold of hope. But once we overcome this current season, you might be disappointed to find that life in all its ordinariness also needs hope.

  • What COVID-19 reveals about human nature

    It feels difficult to write on anything at this time but COVID-19. With that being said, I am aware that there is already so much out there on this subject, whether that is news, updates from churches and companies, motivation and encouragement, or tips on hygiene and health.

  • Compassion 101

    Unexpectedly, I learnt a bit more about the character of Jesus on two recent occasions at university. To clarify, I’m not at a bible college or studying theology.

  • Finding Jesus in the positive

    When life isn’t going well, or following our carefully made plans, it is perhaps easy to turn to God, crying out for help and comfort. When we are in the winter, we find ourselves desperately asking him for peace, for him to change the situation. We rely on his strength, his victory to get us through the difficult times and seasons in our own lives.