Phil Hall

Press Service International

Phillip Hall has been too long in Melbourne to see AFL in the same light as those back in Fremantle. East Fremantle born and bred, he would love to see the Dockers back in the eight. But would settle for just beating West Coast twice a year.

  • Corrections Purgatory Holy Saturday

    In my previous article I made a few mistakes. I got called out on them, so corrections are needed. Correction One.

  • Marvel’s Gnostic Christian Allegory?

    In 2023 Marvel has released a gnostic christian allegory. No not on Disney+, or in a comic, because the comic has been out since 1972. Its Guardians and the Galaxy volume 3 which is based on a 1972 Adam Warlock tale written by Roy Thomas.

  • Universalism & C.S. Lewis: A Very Christian Mystery

    Forgive me for bringing this up, but I saw something on Twitter that dismayed me. Ok, its Twitter, that could be anything. In this case it was about Universalism. The tweet said that anyone who considers Universalism is not and will never be a Christian.

  • AFL Ruck Extinction?

    Australian Rules Football is an evolving sport. From rectangle fields to ovals. Fifty metre line, centre square, centre circle, and the ever shrinking oval ball.

  • The Passion of The Flash

    In the garden Jesus is not alone. Unfortunately the disciples are all asleep. Jesus is there with his thoughts and they are troubling.

  • Nicola McDermott-Olyslagers

    Aussie sports lovers eyes were glued to the TV during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There was much exuberance and cheer for Nicola McDermott who won silver in the final of the Women’s High jump (2.02m).

  • AFL Mid-Season Review Best and Worst Result

    Round 14 in the AFL just finished. With fourteen rounds to go the finals are not far away. Why not rate the eighteen teams and their best and worst possible ends to the season.

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

    So off to the local cinema you go to watch a show about a widowed, single father who ends up in prison.

  • Admit it. The Pies are Playing Good Football

    Round Nine is done. Almost half way through the 2023 AFL season. We know who the bottom teams are. Who the strugglers in the middle are and who will probably make finals. If you are just a fan of the game itself, you are probably watching a lot of Collingwood.

  • Best Rejection Rhymes with Peace

    Imagine you have been unemployed and actively looking for work. Slowly the negatives get to you. Depending on your ability and experience you can be looking for “that” job for months, then years. Depression due to the constant rejection is plausible. It is unfortunate and happens to many job seekers.