Phil Hall

Press Service International

Phillip Hall has been too long in Melbourne to see AFL in the same light as those back in Fremantle. East Fremantle born and bred, he would love to see the Dockers back in the eight. But would settle for just beating West Coast twice a year.

  • Still Laughing After A Loss.

    One team walked of the field more positive than the other. You would expect this would be the winning team. Not this time. It is possible to loose a game and still walk off winning in other ways. It happened to my team this Saturday.

  • NGV – The Picasso Century

    There is little doubt that the twentieth centuries biggest name in art is Picasso. Wether Picasso is your favourite or not Picasso was consistently at the forefront of western art. A key figure who is still influencing artists today.

  • AFL Round 15: Furious Felines Fight To The End

    June 23rd Thursday night Melbourne beat Brisbane at the MCG. I will be honest here and say I am not down with Thursday night games.

  • This Show Brings Joy: Spy x Family

    We have had a lot of sad news lately and I think we all need some cheering up. So here is a review of something that brings joy and laughter.

  • AFL Round 11: Suns Tip Top in Top End

    Friday nights game was two teams flexing their muscles and pushing each other to go one better. This was a lot fun to watch.

  • Eurovision: Too Great an Opportunity

    As an artist you will have times when you have to create within a defined framework. This could be a commission or a contest with a theme. Honestly, broad boundaries can aid the creative effort. Then there is the weight of Eurovision.

  • Christmas in July, Easter in September?

    The Liturgical calendar was made and crafted for the Northern Hemisphere. Easter is set to Spring the period of new growth. However in the southern hemisphere all the signs for Easter are not there. It is Autumn, Spring is months away. Why do I never hear anyone asking for change?

  • Got Skin In The Game

    I recently told a friend that the IPL does not interest me at all. My actual words were. “I have no skin in the game.” IPL is big for my friend because there is a team from his home town. I understand that, especially when it comes to the AFL.

  • I like it: Graffiti

    You probably dislike Graffiti. Maybe you do not. It certainly adds something to an urban setting. What that something is depends on your personal preference. Art is subjective, we are all making individual judgements on each piece we see. Why you make the judgement you make, now that is interesting.

  • Easter and The Batman

    The Batman is back in the cinemas. Yeah there’s action and its Batman. Lots of tie ins with fast food restaurants. Toys all over the place. But, I thought I saw an Easter reference. Not an Easter egg and Easter reference.