Phil Hall

Press Service International

Phillip Hall has been too long in Melbourne to see AFL in the same light as those back in Fremantle. East Fremantle born and bred, he would love to see the Dockers back in the eight. But would settle for just beating West Coast twice a year.

  • Lion’s In Lockdown Again

    Thursday night training was a shortened affair. Outside the clubrooms Artie was counting nervously.

  • Best Jesus Shout Out Winner 2020

    Have you ever voted in Triple J’s Hottest 100? Yeah me too. The only reason I voted last time was because there was a song I totally loved. I also thought that the song was going to struggle to get in.

  • Curiosity is a sin.

    I recently remembered when I was told that curiosity was once considered a sin. It can be found in the writings of Thomas Aquinas. I come to this information as a protestant. I do not even know if this is still canon. All I know is that it piques my own curiosity.

  • In Melbourne, Cricket Emerges From Covid

    “So I don’t have to log in anymore?” asks Reg to his son Brayden

  • No Holy Whips?

    There are two types of whips in the Gospels. One is used by Jesus. The other is used on Jesus. As an avid consumer of pop culture these whips should be Holy Relics

  • All Blacks Versus the IPL

    The All Blacks are the elite, gold standard, premiere, top shelf. Even though South Africa won the Rugby World Cup this year in Japan, the All Blacks are still the ones you want to beat. If you do beat the All Blacks it is was a very good win.

  • If Superman is Moses then who is Batman?

    Superman is Moses. The comparisons are clear and unambiguous. Rocket ship, Adopted Parents, Gifted with God-like powers, Fighting for truth and justice. Basket, Adopted into Egyptian Royal Family, Gifted powers from G-d to deliver his people from under the yoke of the Egyptians.

  • A Problem With Evil

    What happens when you discover that evil is not what you thought it was? What if real evil is not that malevolence, the furious rage, the sinister force tales told us it was?

  • Bigger Football Makes It Better

    Like a lot of people who have watched Australian Rules football over the last thirty years I wonder why scoring is so hard. There is no goal keeper. Unlike basketball the goal is wider and vastly taller than the ball. In contrast the scoring averages per season show a decrease beginning in the 1990s.

  • Monkey D. Luffy Meets Jesus

    I share with my Nieces and Nephew a certain narrative. One that has almost a thousand chapters. Of course I mean One Piece. A show about Pirates, Friendship and Adventure.