Michele Ong

Press Service International

Michele Ong currently works as a writer for a Christian non-profit organisation. She believes in the power of the written word, and the impact it has on lives. In her spare time, she can be found trying to put together a decent meal, or pretending to be an elite swimmer in the pools. For more of Michele’s articles look here: https://www.pressserviceinternational.org/michele-ong.html

  • How to get over a breakup

    My boyfriend broke up with me in the last week of the last term of journalism school and it was ugly. I received his text message on a Sunday evening, and I spent a better part of the night crying over the phone to my best friend. The tears flowed long after the goodnights were exchanged.

  • Holy only on Sundays

    I am holy only on Sundays. The lengths I sometimes go to get ready for church would put the Old Testament priests, preparing to enter the Holy of Holies, to shame.

  • The God of everyday activities

    I had never been so glad to see a police officer in my life.

  • Forgetting God

    God was on the forefront of my mind when I was desperately hunting for a job. My favourite scripture was Psalm chapter 55, verse 7: 'evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice.'

  • Christmas can be a time of loneliness

    The Christmas season sometimes feels like an incredibly lonely one for me, and listening in on other people’s exciting holiday plans makes things worse.

  • 5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Christmas

    Ah, Christmas! Jolly Santas, white falling snow, reindeers and sleighs.

  • Trusting God in Spite of my Fears

    I have been taking swimming lessons in the open ocean for two summers, but I have not quite shaken off my fear of the deep, blue water.

  • Single and available

    I was about to turn in for the night when a Facebook message popped up on my phone. It was from a former boyfriend. I tapped on the message.

  • The perils of people-watching

    I know this might make me sound like a stalker but people-watching has to rank as one of my favourite things to do when I\'m out and about.

  • The Christian walk: A warm summer holiday?

    I was brimming with excitement when I finalized my bookings for my big trip to Europe in 2016. Having forked out a significant amount of money for both my air tickets and a new camera, I was certain my first trip to UK and France would be a complete blast.