Michael Dahlenburg

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Michael Dahlenburg is an electronics technician. He is non-denominational and has previously been involved in church plants and assisting those in ministry. His interests include; enjoying family, home DIY, gardening, most things tech-related and driving his wife crazy with a constant stream of inventions! He lives with his wife Michelle and three children in God’s own land of Southern Adelaide, Australia.Michael Dahlenburg’s previous articles may be viewed at http://www.pressserviceinternational.org/michael-dahlenburg.html

  • Were kids were safer back then??

    Previously I have written on this with the title ‘Kids were safer then” – I commenced that article with this - ‘Back in my day, we used to roam the streets, and it was safe.’

  • What will you bring to Heaven?

    'You leave this world with what you were born with: nothing'.

  • My biggest fear

    We are all afraid of something - sometimes many things. Even though we are told in God’s word we are to be anxious for nothing, I would make a bet most of us have been anxious, worried or fearful of something at some stage, some more than we may like to admit.

  • My existence vs. heroes of the bible

    Lord, I constantly stumble and struggle with sin, never seem to have enough time for you, why would you bother with a nobody like me?

  • Biblical hygiene

    Biblical hygiene—no, I am not talking about washing your Bible after reading it on the toilet!

  • Powering the future

    I recently watched Michael Moore's latest documentary release, Planet of the Humans.

  • Corona crazy

    I’ll be honest, I am genuinely both surprised and not surprised at the same time, with the state the world is currently in with this Corona Virus pandemic.

  • Scams to the charitable

    I was sitting at the dining room table, enjoying my oats and morning coffee when the phone rang.

  • Tithing matters of consideration

    Many of us have been there at some stage. Sitting in the church pew or isle, the offerings container approaches and you think, ‘Oh, ummm…’ You check your wallet or purse even though you know you forgot to organise something to be in there – just so people know you at least tried and were not completely avoiding the tithe…

  • The kids were safer then…

    ‘Back in my day, we used to roam the streets, and it was safe.’ Quotes to the tune of this statement are common with the generations who grew up before the 80’s.